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2019 Quarter 2 Distribution events

  • 2020/02/06

Finishing the first quarter of distribution in August, we started the second quarter distribution in October. Unlike the first quarter distribution, we do not distribute many goods to the children. Instead we distributed pocket money, and batik uniform fee to the students. For the children in Gianyar regency, we also paid for their school fees (for Junior and Senior high School). While for children in other areas , the school fee has been settled to the schools during the first quarter.

Batik uniform is the uniform with batik motif printed on it. Every school has its own batik design and some even have the name and logo of the school printed on the uniform. Some schools do not use batik as their uniform, instead the use the Balinese traditional clothes called Endek. Again, the motives vary from one school to another. As there are so many variations, YKIP could not provide the uniform for the children. Instead, we pay the uniform to the school.

During the first semester, we asked the children to create a journal to be sent to their donors. Students who are in elementary school are told to make a drawing, while older students are told to write stories of their daily life. We were fascinated when we collected the artworks and story from the children. Some children created wonderful pictures and some older students created stories about their experience during the holiday. We also found some interesting story from the journal we collected from the children. There were students who learn new things such as wood carving and cooking, some other joined a competition at school or represent their schools on a competition.

In this second quarter distribution, we also distributed  prizes for the best students whose academic performance exceeded their peers. There was one best student in elementary school, one best student for Junior High School, and one student for Senior High School for every district in YKIP project area.  Besides the academic field, we also gave prize for those who have engaged actively in non-academic activity or won a non-academic competition such as in sports or arts. Amongst all the students who get the prizes, there was one student who received a prize because she became a dancer in an international event, while another student got sixth place of writing in Balinese alphabet competition in Denpasar.

Through this opportunity, YKIP would like to thank Lene Fischer and her family for donating stuffed animals for the best students' prizes. YKIP hope by providing these prizes, the children will be motivated to achieve more, not only in the academic field but also in non-academic field and unleash their full potential.

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