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  • 2015/04/08

I begin my personal story from the time prior to receiving a scholarship from YKIP until the present time: post high school and working.

It’s still fresh in my memory when I just graduated from primary school; my parents had no idea where I would continue school. They didn’t think they could enroll me in a public school since the school was quite strict about school payments being on time, whilst private school wasn’t really an option even though I had excellent grades. My parents worked as laborers with only US$ 84 income per month combined to feed four family members. I was proud of my parents’ final decision to risk enrolling me at the public school, even though they had to borrow money from others.

One day, I was surprised to hear that I was the recipient of a scholarship from YKIP. I later found out that my brother gave my name to the village official who was collecting candidate data. I was so happy since it meant it could reduce the burden of my parents in paying school expenses. I was also happy to know that YKIP provided me with a package of school supplies every year so that I didn’t need to worry about that and could focus on my studies. I was fortunate I could keep up my grades, not to mention that I also made being one of best of the best students in this program more than once. I was so excited when YKIP gave me a bicycle as a reward for my academic performance when I was in junior high school.

For high school, I went to a vocational high school majoring in finance. I performed very well averaging 8 on my report cards each semester. However, taking the national final exam was the most satisfying part. It was as if my arduous studying from primary school had finally paid off for this three day event! Finally, I could exhale a long breath when I found out I passed the exam! Not to mention that I also got my first job as a marketing staff at PT Dialogue Garmindo Utama. Now I am hoping I will be able to help my family and also could save some of my income to be able to continue my education someday.

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