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Achievement to Date

  • 2019/03/12

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty through Education

Why is the notion so important? Because poverty and education are inextricably linked. Many young people living in poverty may stop going to school, so they can work to help their parents and provide foods for their families, which leaves them without literacy and numeracy skills they need to further their careers. Consequently, their own children will be in similar situation years later, leaving them with little income and few options but to leave school and go to work. On the contrary, children from disadvantaged families who could receive full educations will have more opportunities to grow and upskill themselves which enable them to break the poverty cycle in their families.

In Bali nowadays, the access to educational opportunities is spread inequitably. The gap between the rich and the less advantaged children is widening. According to Bali Province in Figures 2017 publication (August 2017), there are total of 1,160 drop-outs in Bali in the academic year of 2015/2016 and two regencies in Bali appear to have high number of drop-outs: Karangasem (276) and Buleleng (412).

KEMBALI Achievement to Date

The KEMBALI Scholarship Program was initiated for the first time in 2004 by provisioning an educational assistance to 50 elementary students in Gianyar. Ever since the program began, the number are continuing to increase. Today, the total number of sponsored students has reached 940 students across six regencies in Bali.

In the academic year of 2018/2019, KEMBALI program supports 452 elementary to senior high school children in six regencies in Bali. The areas are Denpasar, Kuta and Mengwi (Badung), Les Village (Buleleng), Pengotan Village (Bangli), Karangasem, and Gianyar. School supplies, such as bags, stationaries, school uniforms and school fees are distributed periodically. What distinguishes the KEMBALI program from other educational assistance programs is that the KEMBALI program provides an ongoing basis support to students who meet the criteria until they graduate from senior high school. KEMBALI program has successfully supported 497 children to graduate from senior high school in the past nine years, and 10% of the total graduates continue to higher educational level with the support from YKIP scholarship. Almost all KEMBALI graduates who are still in contact with YKIP told that they are now able to improve gradually their family's economic condition. In fact, some of them have been able to send their younger siblings to school with their income.

As Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” That is very true: YKIP believes in the same thing. Therefore, we continue to provide an opportunity to children in need to be able to complete their education. With this opportunity, we are optimistic that these children will have a better future in their life.

The number of KEMBALI sponsored students is projected to increase by 3.3 percent per annum within the next three years. If we can increase the participation rate of people to sponsor children, these numbers will even be higher. More children from disadvantaged families can be saved from a vicious circle of poverty. Your continuous support to YKIP equals to empowering one’s life for a stronger, healthier, and safer society.

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