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Mar 2015
23 Mar


In the first weeks after the bomb blast in Legian in 2002, Warti, Jontri, Rastini, Erniati, and Endang and their children were very shocked as they knew they had lost their husbands and fathers in that tragedy. So many tears could not help them stop their


23 Mar


Yayuk has been hoping and praying for her additional second-skin for her injured arm. After getting further skin surgery on her arm which was badly burnt in the 2002 bombings, Yayuk must wear second-skin for a specific amount of time. She had an operation


23 Mar


Anny & Barry Faithful, and Graham & Leony Moore came to Bali In August 2010. They spent half a day meeting with Ibu Rencini and her daughters at their villa, where they swam and socialized. The four donors were also happy to spend the day with Ibu Rencini


A few years ago, one of YKIP sponsored students’ story under KIDS program, Alief’s, was on national news. It was when Alief and his younger brother, Aldi, met the son of the Bali Bombing 1 executor. You might wonder how Alief is doing now. Here is the update about him.

Graduated from senior high school, Alief studied law in Udayana University. After about a year in Udayana University, Alief then pursued his dream of becoming a law enforcer. He continued his study in the State Polytechnic of Immigration, majoring in Immigration Law. Although the tuition has been paid by the government, YKIP under KIDS program has been supporting Alief with accommodation in Jakarta.  Now he is in the third semester of his three-year training and active in the students’ organization as a public relation officer. As a PR officer, he needs to take a lot of event photos and creating video contents for his institution. He has become very familiar with using a camera to take both photos and videos. Since then, he fell in love with photography and cinematography.

Joining the Competition

Alief’s passion to that field took him to a competition last year; Olimpiade Perguruan Tinggi Kedinasan (State-owned Educational Institution Olympic). Along with his friends, Alief joined the competition in cinematography field. Although the result was not yet very satisfying for him, in which his group came in the fourth place, it didn’t stop him for achieving further.

Earlier this year, the competition was held again. Alief and his friends had learnt a lot from the last year result. They re-joined the competition and made a lot of improvement on their work. Alief was one of the core team members in the cinematography competition. He was in charge of making the scenario and taking the scenes. Their work was named “Percaya” or Believe. The film was about the immigration official who had to choose one of his staffs to lead a project. This official then remembered his experience when he was at school and the memory enabled him to make a wise decision. This 12- minute movie has been viewed by more than 28.000 viewers. You can see the video here. This beautiful work won the second place in cinematography competition and became the favourite movie. Alief and his team got 2 medals from this competition.

YKIP is really proud of Alief and we wish him the best in continuing his study as well as pursuing his hobby in cinematography. Keep up the good work, Alief.

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