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Behind A Sponsor Visit

  • 2016/11/13

A gift of giving, a life-changing experience

“Un moment d’émotion intense quand on découvre un sourire rayonnant sur leurs visages malgré le peu de chance que la vie leur a offert…”

“A very emotional moment, where we see a bright smile on their faces despite living a life that offers limited opportunity”, Sabine wrote on her blog, Nos Saveurs De Voyage, describing her experience volunteering with YKIP last August.

Sabine and Benoît, a sweet couple from Switzerland, heard about YKIP and its mission from their friends in Switzerland and they contacted YKIP afterwards to convey their wishes to sponsor two children in need of educational assistance. Lucky for Gunung and Suryani, two kids from Seraya who came from disadvantaged families; Sabine and Benoît came right on time to prevent them from risk of dropping out of school.

As part of their one-year holiday itinerary travelling to sixteen countries, Sabine and Benoît came to Bali last August. The couple had the opportunity to meet their two 9-year-old sponsored children during the KEMBALI distribution event held in the Village of Seraya Barat. Their journey to the remote areas of Bali where Gunung and Suryani’s community lived gave them first-hand experience witnessing standards of living that are very different from Switzerland.

“The average monthly income of families is $77 to live with 6 or more. Thus, education becomes a luxury which they cannot afford. In Bali (Karangasem), the (elementary) school is free, but the uniforms, supplies, lunch or means of transport to get to school are often too expensive for a family to afford” Sabine described on her blog.

There are no buses or cars in the local community. Most of the children have to walk 3-7 kilometers to go to the nearest local school.

It was very emotional for Sabine and Benoît to meet face-to-face with their sponsored children. Both children and their families could not speak English and communication often had moments of great hilarity as everyone tried to express their emotions and thoughts, at times using interpreter amongst the staff.

Sabine and Benoît insisted on staying and helped YKIP during the distribution. It was amazing to see their energy and enthusiasm to be involved and communicate with YKIP sponsored students during the event as if no language barriers amongst them. The hot weather we all felt that day could not beat their intention to help us complete the distribution activities. Benoît deftly helped distribute the school supplies while Sabine happily helped us take students’ photos which will later be used by YKIP for its sponsorship renewal letters.

By the end of the distribution event, Sabine and Benoît definitely looked exhausted but they were so happy as they brought home a gift of giving which they would cherish a lifetime.

Sabine wrote in her last paragraph of her blog, “By midday, we left the children of Seraya and volunteers from YKIP with our hearts filled with joy and our heads filled with images of their happy smiles …”

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