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  • 2015/03/22

YKIP held a half-day Career Day Workshop on 28th March 2011 at the Hotel Patricia in Denpasar. Thirteen students attended the workshop as well as all of the current YKIP staff.

The Workshop was organized to respond to the concerns of KIDS and Kembali’s students who are studying at the senior high school level as they are often confused about the next step they should take after graduating.

The purpose of the workshop is to assist the student to find out his/her interest regarding the field study they would like to take for higher education degree and to find out their aptitude profile. Based on their aptitude profile, they could analyze whether their potential could help them to achieve their goal related to their interest. If it does, how they could optimize their potential to achieve their goal.
The workshop was held in two sessions:

  1. Aptitude and Interest Test. Thirteen students assisted by professional psychologist, Bunda Agus, did the test for about 3,5 hours. The result was distributed to each student two weeks after the test.
  2. On the second session, Bunda Agus gave a motivation session, to encourage the participants for having a dream and reach their dream in the future. Bunda Agus also asked participants to calculate their ITS score so that they could know their potency (IQ related to their interest). They were grouped based on their interest. They were divided into three groups. First group is number & science group: those who are interested in taking degree in science or in the subject that is related to number. Second group is language group: those who are interested in taking degree in language or tourism. The third group is teaching (particularly kindergarten teacher): there is one person in this group. Each group was assigned to determine what things should be prepared by those who wanted to study on the chosen degree. The representative of each group presented their discussion result. After each presentation, Bunda Agus, gave some sample interpretations of the ITS’s test result. She gave information about the linkage between the ITS result and the student’s interest. By having the ITS result, the student knew their weaknesses and strength related to their interest.

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