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Celebrating Excellence: Best KEMBALI Student 2018!

  • 2019/03/28

KEMBALI Best Student 2018

Once a year, YKIP KEMBALI team organizes an award for the children with outstanding performances. All sort of talents and achievement are taken into account, without exception.

Last year, KEMBALI team selected 39 students to receive the KEMBALI Best Students 2018 award during the Second Quarter of Distribution Event. Each one received a certificate of achievement and a gift package in recognition of their accomplishment from YKIP.

One of our Best Students was Ni Nyoman Citra Rahayu Trisna Ari Canti. She is a grade 11 student studying at SMAN 1 Gianyar and the youngest of three siblings. Her father passed away and her mother works in a community market (locally called koperasi) close to their house.

Citra Rahayu went through many tribulations to keep her achievements. She received this award for her excellence grades at school and her active involvement in the non-academic activities at school.

Rather than having us to give you a second-hand account on what the hard-working student has to say about her accomplishment, let’s see what she has!

Sometimes, things happen to us unexpectedly. When that happens, all we can do are being grateful and accepting it all gracefully, because it might be the most beautiful gift that God has given.

One day, something happened in my life. Something I had never thought about; something I had never imagined.

Every effort made, every prayer said, and every struggle I went through, finally bore fruit. God granted my wish and repaid all my hard work.

Being chosen as Best Student is not something I have ever expected, but it was a great honor and source of pride to me. To achieve all that, I did not spend a little effort. I must be brave and ready to sacrifice much, among which was time to play with friends.

All the efforts I have made is not only to achieve best student in YKIP but also to prepare for a brighter future that will lead me to the door of success. I want to change my world, to be successful for my family and the people I care about.

I want to be someone who everyone can be proud of, someone who can make my family happy. It's not easy to reach. However, I believe if I am dedicated to my cause and if God allows it, then someday I will see my dream come true.

Never be afraid to dream, because no one can stop you from dreaming. Never despair to reach your dreams, because everyone has their own stories. Everything is part of God's plan. We just need to fight and pray to make our dreams a reality. Keep your spirits up!

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