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Congratulation! Vocational program graduates

  • 2020/02/06

November was full of happiness! Six of seven students graduated from Vocational Program, while another student was already graduated in June. We are very proud of them. Four students: Yehning, Puspa, Juniartini and Dinda graduated from Alfa Prima Denpasar majoring  Computer Accounting and Taxation while Sanastya also graduated from Alfa Prima but from different  major, Business Administration. Another student who graduated this month is Budiartana who studied in STPBI Denpasar majoring in Culinary.

Allow us to  share  you the story of Puspa, one of the students who finished her study at Alfa prima:

                Everyone must have a dream. My dream is to be able to help my parents and pay for my two younger sibling tuition. I would like to have a good job that suits my passion.

I was born in an underprivilege family, but I never let the condition made me down. Back to the time when I started school, my education seems to be a bigger burden for my family. May parents income was just enough to pay for our daily needs. When I was in 2nd grade of elementary school, my parents and I were so grateful for the support from YKIP. It is a very rare chance to get the support, and being one of the sponsored students of YKIP is a big opportunity for me. I became more and more motivated by the support provided by YKIP. The uniform, school supplies, and pocket money I got from YKIP mean a lot for me. The burden from my parents also lifted.

I Continue my study to SMP Negeri 2 Mengwi. I was so happy that I could continue my study in the school. I got many friends at school. In my class, the competition was so rough because my friends are some of the smartest children in their elementary school. I could not made it into the best ten in my class. Although I could not be the best academic field, I decided to learn skills in non-academic field by joining some club such as mathematic club, badminton, swimming, English, and singing. The support I got from YKIP allow me to study and use my time to involve in activities at school.

Fast forward, I continued my study in SMK Seni Ukir Tangeb and choose Hotel Accommodation as my major. After school, I work in a shop. I use the income I got from the shop to help my parents pay for my younger siblings’ tuitions. I use my time wisely, so I become the best student in my class every semester in senior. I believe that without YKIP support, I will not be able to continue my study and became the best student for three years in a row.

During the 2017 Career Day, I got information that YKIP also provided a scholarship for 1 year training under Vocational program in Alfa Prima Denpasar. The information was very interesting, and I wanted to get the scholarship. As soon as I got home, I prepared all the document needed. I also took the entrance test in Alfa Prima Denpasar. Then I became one of the students who got the scholarship for one-year training in Alfa Prima. I chose computer accounting and taxation as my major. The scholarship I received really motivated me. I always involved actively in the class, also in the extracurricular activities. I joined the nature lover activities and became a member of the student body. On June 3, 2019, all the students should join on the job training, and I chose to do my training in CV Dipta Karya mandiri in accounting division. For three months, I learn a lot and get valuable experiences in this company.

I took my final exam on October 5, 2019. I was so happy that I got A for my exam. Right after the exam, I applied for a job in several places. On October 28, 2019, I joined PT. Parama Asia Sejahtera as an admin support. It is about a month before my graduation from Alfa Prima.

I graduated from Alfa Prima on November 23, 2019.I am really happy that I could finish my study. Now it is the time to pursue my career and make my parents happy and proud of me.

Thank you YKIP and all donors for giving me the chance to continue my study. Without your kind support, I will never reach this point of my life.

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