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Donor Visit: Dan and Nina Fendel Meet Jenni

  • 2020/04/17

Ten years ago, Dan and Nina Fendel knew about YKIP from their friend, Mrs. Rucina Ballinger, who was the Managing Director of YKIP at the time. From the meeting, Dan and Nina were informed of YKIP KEMBALI Program, and they showed a great interest in sponsoring a child in the program. They then decided to sponsor a girl who was at an elementary school at the time. Now Jeni, their sponsored child, is in the 11th grade.

Jeni is a bright student who always gets good grades in her report cards. Every year, she becomes one of the best students in her class. Jeni actively engages in her school activities. For example, she joined a social activity such as volunteering for the refugees during Mount Agung eruption two years ago. She is also involved in other clubs’ activities at school.

In February, Dan and Nina came to Bali after attending a wedding in Thailand. During their brief visit to the island, they made time to meet their sponsored student, Jeni and her family in Sanur.

Meeting Jeni and some surprises

On the sunny bright day, we arrived at Jeni’s house and met with the family. Jeni was accompanied by her mother and elder brother. Her father was off to work at the time.

Jeni was so nervous when she met her sponsors. She didn’t speak much at the beginning, but later on she shared her story with Dan and Nina. Dan, a retired professor of Mathematics in the States, got a big surprise from Jeni. Jeni told him that she was appointed as one of the representatives of Bali to compete in a regional mathematic competition in Surabaya two years ago. Jeni has a great interest in math and a few days prior to the visit of the sponsors, she joined a competition in math, representing her school. Dan was very happy to learn that and said that it is quite rare for girls to have a great interest in math.

Dan and Nina also shared their stories with Jeni. Dan, together with his friends, authored a book to help people understand math in an easier way. During his services at university, Dan focused on math teacher-training and developing the curriculum of math for senior high school. Nina is a lawyer and legal educator who dedicates her work to help non-lawyers to understand law. Jeni was very interested in what her sponsors do.

After exchanging their interesting stories, Dan and Nina went back to their hotel. They left a message to Jeni to plan her future well and work hard to pursue her dream, which is really appreciated by Jeni.

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