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Enlighten the Mind Through Enlightening Books

  • 2018/07/24

Butiyang Library Project

It was 6 o’clock in the morning on 10th May, cloudy yet warm weather, all YKIP team were ready to hit the road and carry out their mission. That day was the first day for them to start the library project for the students at SDN 5 Les Butiyang. Are you wondering where SDN 5 Les Butiyang is? And why they got this aid? Have you imagined how cheerful the children were after receiving the books? Let’s find out!

Firstly, we need to express the gratitude to West Perth Rotary Club that has generously shown their concern toward the education facilities of students at SDN 5 Les Butiyang. SDN 5 Les Butiyang is one of the remote schools in Bali, located on the hill in Butiyang village, Amlapura, Bali. The journey was not easy, as described by Purniati, one of YKIP volunteers, ”It took us 3 hours from Denpasar by car, then continued by motorbike. The road leading to the village from the bottom of the hill was tough. It was a pathway which only fits one motorcycle.  You can see deep ravines on both sides along the pathway. So, when you pass a motorcycle from the opposite way, you need to carefully pass the way alternately.” That lack of access to the proper road has caused the people as well as the children in Butiyang great distress to get proper education facilities.

At 11 AM, the headmaster of SDN 5 Les, Mr I Gede Daksa, welcomed YKIP team at his office. The team then expressed their intention to distribute donation books for the students from West Perth Rotary Club, that concerns with the education facility there. The plan to create a library for them was enthusiastically supported by Mr I Gede Daksa. “Students here really need good reading material. They have to walk far away to another school at the downside village to read or borrow books since we don’t have any book collection here. This is exactly what we need,” he happily said. Eventually, the two-hour discussion about the technical and operational requirement of the library finished, then followed by preparation for the official distribution on the following day.

YKIP team also got a bookshelf donation from Mrs Made (Bu Made), one of the permanent YKIP’s donors. She used to live there and heard about our library project in this village. When she knew that we need a bookshelf to display the books, she willingly offered one. Joyfully we accepted her donation and received it on that day.

On the D day, on 11th, YKIP team were ready at the school at 10 AM. They started the project by discussing how to manage the library, book lending procedure and book database with the librarian, Mr I Ketut Rediarsana, who is also one of the school teachers there. In total there were 70 books, mostly encyclopaedias, to help students to broaden their knowledge.

When YKIP team met the students afterwards, they introduced themselves and explained their mission. The students looked so excited and curious about what books they would get. Working together with the students, YKIP team stamped each book to indicate that the books belong to SDN 5 Les Butiyang. Then they organized all the books on the bookshelf and stared happily at those books for a while before taking some photos. They showed their enthusiasm and could not wait to start reading those books. They laughed at each other while reading. When YKIP team read a book about physics reaction to them, the students stayed calm and listened to the explanation. Many of them also asked whether they could borrow it home to continue reading.

In the future, YKIP team and Mr I Ketut Rediarsana agreed to label the books for the database purpose. In addition, the school would provide a member card for each student in order to borrow the books. And for supervision purpose, the school agreed to submit a monthly report to YKIP team.

This project was one of the memorable projects for YKIP. It has revealed the lack of educational facility in this modern era and how donation has given an impact in shaping the children’s future. Once again, YKIP team really appreciate the help of West Perth Rotary Club, Bu Made, Mr I Gede Daksa, Mr I Ketut Rediarsana and everyone at SDN 5 Les Butiyang, with the hope that the donation could enlighten their mind and inspire them to aspire higher.


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