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Every Journey Begins with a Single Step…

  • 2017/11/29

…and YKIP’s first step to give back impoverished children in Pengotan Village the opportunity to study despite any financial difficulties began with 35 children. Pengotan Village of Bangli regency is the fifth district that has received YKIP’s support in ensuring the underprivileged children have a chance to continue their education. 


Bangli region has one of the highest rates of children dropping out from school before they complete their mandatory 12-year studies. Many of the villagers live below the poverty line; one of the reasons why many children exchange their formal schooling with family trade apprenticeship to help put food on the table.

By working together with the village credit institution (locally known as LPD) and the village officials, YKIP creates an account for each scholarship child and sets up a system to ensure the allocated money is used for its intended purpose.


“To withdraw money, the student will need to have the school’s confirmation that the money withdrawn would be used for school-related activities,” explained YKIP Operation Director Dian Assiddika.

Despite utilizing this method for the first time in lieu of giving out cash as is the norm for the other 4 regencies and 1 municipality in Bali, YKIP is confident that it will go smoothly and provide a more transparent system regarding the allocated donations. A big part of this is thanks to the Pengotan LPD’s prior experience in handling similar scholarship arrangement for Udayana University that has been ongoing in the region for several years now.


The first distribution event in Pengotan Village was hosted and fully supported by the Baliwoso campsite. In this occasion, Ayu Ratna the KEMBALI Program Coordinator from YKIP took the opportunity to explain the scholarship in detail, including what support YKIP provides, how, and who to contact in case of emergency.

One by one, the children came forward to receive their first YKIP care package, which was accepted with mixed emotions –happiness, awe, and relief were chief among them.


YKIP, working together with the village community leaders and LPD, plans to promote the awareness of education and its importance to Pengotan villagers. “Eradicating ignorance about the importance of education is the first step to attack the root of Pengotan’s low education level,” said Dian.


Her ambition is shared by a number of interested members of the Pengotan village, particularly by two village community leaders, Pak Nyarka and I Ketut Suarno (a.k.a Nang Gatot).

“The high rates of school dropouts, early marriages, and unemployment in this region are interrelated issues, stemming from and in turn promoting lack of proper education. YKIP is not alone in our endeavor. We have the support of the village community leaders, the LPD, and the schools in Pengotan Village who will serve as points of contact and enforcer of the idea that education is important,” explained Dian.


Constant reinforcement, approachable points of contact, as well as valid encouragement are needed to spread the awareness of how important education is among the Pengotan villagers.

Working hand in hand with all relevant stakeholders who are passionate to elevate the villagers’ living standard through education, YKIP strives forward to break the chain of poverty in Pengotan Village through education.

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