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Food Package Distribution on KEMBALI Fourth Quarter Distribution

  • 2020/07/29

Whilst the COVID-19 has impacted people across the world, YKIP work has also been greatly affected by this pandemic.  As restrictive measures were declared, YKIP staff have started working from home since the third week of March. Given the situation which is getting more serious, we had to postpone the donation distribution for the 4th quarter of 2019-2020 academic year. However, during this pandemic, the students were monitored remotely, and we have been trying to find the most effective way to assist all students in the programs.

From the survey that we conducted online in early April, we found out that even though the schools are temporarily closed, our sponsored students are actively studying from home. We also learned that the internet connection has become one of the issues they face. All those children are struggling to get the internet connection due to the costly data plans.

Another concern from our board is that the income of our sponsored children’s parents has significantly decreased during this pandemic. Those working in the tourism sector is one of the hardest-hit by the outbreak or COVID-19 as there are no international flights to Bali.  This condition then has affected others working in different sectors. In general, all parents in our program have considerably lower income than normal, while the daily needs remain the same or even increase to buy internet package for their children. These findings encouraged us to conduct the stipend distribution to the children without any further delay, to ensure they can study from home effectively.  

Food Package Distribution


Another concern lies with the families who might need further assistance in fulfilling their daily needs. As the majority of the families in our program have lost their primary income, YKIP believes that it will be an advantage for our beneficiaries if we can support with the daily needs. YKIP then initiated the food support program. The necessities-for-daily-living packages or “Sembako” were distributed along with the stipend distribution in the 4th quarter of the 2019-2020 academic year. Each package consisted of 5 kgs of rice, cooking oil, biscuits, eggs, sugar, and instant noodles, with the hope that it could support the families during this difficult situation.

This project did not only cover the families in KEMBALI program, but also covered the families in other programs such as KIDS, Vocational, and University students.  In total, the food package project reached 424 families in KEMBALI Program, 16 families in KIDS program, 7 families from the vocational program, and 2 families from the University program.

The fourth quarter distribution this year was very different from any other distributions we have done in our 17 years of service. We did not gather the students in the same area to avoid large crowds. Everyone coming to the venue had to wear face masks and wash their hands. Our staff also kept the contact minimal, and all the announcement regarding the program was printed out then distributed.

The distribution started on May 14th at the YKIP office for the sponsored children in Sanur and Kuta Area. Then we continued to Mengwi where the YKIP team visited the students' places. On May 18th to 20th, the distribution was held in Karangasem and continued from May 23rd in Gianyar. For our students in Tejakula, the distribution of the food packages was assisted by our local partner.  

Touching moments occurred in all the distribution events when some parents talked about how the pandemic has changed their life and how the stipend for their children and the food donation would have helped them to cope with the uncertain situation. One of the parents even shed tears of gratitude when she received the package.

“This will definitely help us a lot. My son will go to Senior High School, and my husband doesn’t work anymore due to the pandemic. It is hard to imagine how we will survive the day. Your support is a big help for us. Thank you very much for supporting us during this hard time.” She said. The YKIP staff on duty teared up as we heard this!

Yes, it is a very hard time for everyone, but it is also the perfect time to support each other’s back. Any kind of support would be appreciated by those in need. We are thankful for our donors: Lene Fischer, Melitta Fischer, Esther Merino Arnedo, Georges Mettrau, Jeanine Huynh, Sabine and Benoit Carcenat, who support YKIP food package project. Your generous donation has made a difference in the lives of our sponsored students during this difficult time. 

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