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From a Flower Picker to a Nurse: Irma’s story

  • 2019/07/03

From a Flower Picker to a Nurse: Irma’s story

Irma Sugiantari Dewi, or Irma for short, is a girl with a very big spirit and big heart. She lives in Abianbase with her parents. Both of her parents are blue collar worker. Her mother carried stone over her head to earn some money to buy food. Her father works as a builder, leaving the family early in the morning and returns after sunset. Although the parents work so hard, it is so difficult to support their family of five.

Unlike other children who has the privilege to get anything they want from their parents; Irma simply could not do that. She realized that her family economic condition will not allow her to do that. Then she decided to help the parents by becoming a flower picker in her neighbour garden. Become a flower picker is not an easy task for a young girl, but that is the only way she can add some rupiah to the day earning.

“When my older sister finished her elementary school, she needed to continue to junior high school. The only valuable thing we had is my father’s motorcycle. We must sell the motor so that she can go to Junior high. After that day, I saw my father go to work on foot for kilometres. It was pity, but I would not be trapped in this condition”.

 The economic condition didn’t make Irma desperate. She knew that her parents work so hard for her and her sister. She continued her work as a flower picker after school and studying at night after her flower picking job ended. Because she showed a great effort to keep studying and try very hard to maintain her grades, the garden owner pitied her. They gave her a second-hand bicycle and sometimes extra money for her pocket money. This kind gesture really meant a lot for Irma. She became more motivated and studied harder.

When Irma enrolled in KEMBALI Program, she was in elementary school. After getting the scholarship, Irma become more and more motivated to study. During her school days, she was able to get good grades every semester, even though she still working as flower pickers. Studying hard and keep good grades is her way to show her gratitude to all people who support her through the school days. Irma finished her senior high school on 2015 with satisfactory grades.

Irma wanted to continue her study in nursing after she finished her school. Her reason is by becoming a nurse, she would be able to help people when they need support the most: during their struggle to overcome their illness. Because of her eagerness to pursue a degree in Nursing and the great effort she went through, Irma then able to study nursing in Kesdam Udayana Nursing Academy, through YKIP University program.

 “When they call my full name with a degree, Ni Made Irma Sugianti Dewi, A.Md.Kep., my feeling was mixed up. I was moved by all the struggle I have went through. Yes, I am Irma who picked flower after school, the girl who went to school with that second-hand bike. It was hard, and I had to fight a lot to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse. Now I am Irma who walk to the stage to receive my diploma and make my parents proud of me. Hard working and pray is the key to success. Thank you f YKIP and donor who help me so that I can continue my study to higher education. I hope more children can be assisted in the future.” Irma told YKIP about her graduation.

Irma graduated in 2018 with very satisfactory degree. Congratulations Irma! We wish the best for your future. We believe that you will be a great nurse!           

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