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Heidi Circle Gathering

  • 2019/07/03

Heidi Circle Gathering

Heidi Hornberger is one of YKIP’s donors who are supporting YKIP since 2004. She is among the first donors in our KEMBALI Project. Heidi created Heidi Circle, a circle of donors who supports our KEMBALI students. Now Heidy and her circle sponsored about 40 children from various levels of education.

As an artist, Heidi is always fascinated by the beauty of Bali, both the nature and its rich culture. Every year, she will come to Bali and get some inspiration from the island. This year, Heidi come to get some inspirations for her pastel painting. Heidi recently work on painting after she retired from bronze sculpting. Besides getting fresh idea for her next artwork, she also comes to meet the sponsored students

This year, Heidi came to Bali on March and have a gathering on the 17th.  She invited all the Heidi Circle’s sponsored child, including those who are graduated. The gathering was so much fun because Heidi have all the children participated in some games. The game was a combination between the physical activities, memory, and general knowledge. All the participants were standing in a row when the game masters throw a tennis ball and asking a question in the same time. Those who catch the ball but failed to answer the question were eliminated from the game. By the end of the game, the last standing participant get the prize. Three girls were the last participant in the last round.

Another game is also about general knowledge. The participants have to answer the question by showing their hands. Show the fist for the right answer and the palm for the wrong answer. Those who gave the wrong answer were eliminated from the game.  The winners of this game were three boys: Soma, Edi, and Adi Mahardika. The most interesting thing from these two games is sometimes those who already eliminated from the game are the ones who are able to answer the hard questions that could not be answered by the participant who are still in the game.

As usual, the children sponsored by Heidi Circle make a thank you letter to their donor. The creativity of the students is remarkable. They create beautiful thank you letters, and some even show their skill in drawing! Heidi would give the letter to the donor when she back to the States.  

Every year during the gathering, Heidi would have some graduated students to share their story to younger children. By this way, the younger children will get inspired and learn from the older children experience. During this gathering, Sumiati from Blahbatuh share the story on how she was struggling after her father passed away:

“I was desperate when I lost my father. My world ends and I do not want to do anything. I have no desire to continue my study, I almost left school at that time. My mother and my aunt persuade me to continue my study, but I thought that would only give bigger burden to my mother. Then I met Pak Nyoman Puja from GNOTA and the people from YKIP and told me that I would be sponsored to continue my education.

I was grateful that I was sponsored until I graduate from Senior high school. The opportunity to study that given to me gave me spirit to get more practical skill. By upgrading my skill, I will be able to get a good job. Then I applied to BLK (training center), where I study for three months and get the training in food and beverage sector. I was happy at that time, but suddenly my aunt was hospitalised due to diabetic complication. I was exhausted as I had to to look after my aunt after training. Almost desperate, but I believe that I will be able to overcome this problem. After finished my training, I got a job in Sanur. By the time I got my first salary, my beloved aunt passed away. It was sad, but life must go on! I fulfil my aunt last wish to make my family proud of me. I continue working in Sanur and I enjoy my work as I can learn a lot there. I also get a quite good salary to support my family.”

The gathering ended after the sharing session. Heidy also gave a message to the children to keep dreaming. All the hard work and struggle will eventually be paid off when you reach them.

Thank you, Heidi, for the inspiring gathering. See you next year and happy painting!

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