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International Medical Corps (IMC)

  • 2015/03/24

Trauma Counseling Administration
IMC is an international medical aid organization with a long stand presence in Indonesia. During the crisis, IMC has taken the lead in providing trauma counseling. In addition they are handling the administration of the Bali Recovery Group.

Contact person:
Elisa DeJesus
Mobile Phone: 081 246 18114
Office Phone: (0361) 228589
Office Address: IMC Bali, Jl. Drupadi II, No. 14, Renon, Denpasar
e-mail: or



As the bomb blast on the morning of October 13, five IMC emergency doctors arrived in Bali and deployed at Sanglah hospital and Ngurah Rai Airport to do triage and stabilized for evacuated injured victim to Australia.

Mental health counseling for expatriate who living in Bali initiated by expatriate psychiatrist (Dr. Len Lambeth) at BIMC Clinic. Another 7 expatriates attended 12 patients for problem of depression and anxieties. By our psychiatrist nurse (Gareth W.) with similar problem mental for victim, Indonesia and volunteer our national psychiatrist (Dr. Robert R) has conducted 5 counseling session.

An information service line has been set up with 2 telephone lines at out office (Jl. Noja 106, Denpasar) to answer calling for our assistant.


  • IMC is coordinating with government of Indonesia/Dinas Kesehatan (Dr. Molin), Director of Sanglah Hospital, Crisis Center of Udayana University, in implementation of our program.
  • IMC is sponsoring the Bali Recovery Group NGO Meeting that scheduled every month.
  • Through the week of October 2, IMC doctors continued to assist in the Sanglah Hospital. IMC also provide emergency medicine and supplies including outoclave (sterilization equipment) for burn unit in the hospital.
  • IMC provided logistic support and staff in collaboration with Ausaid to assist DinKes and POM for inventory and storage drug donation.
  • As the request from Surgical Department, at Sanglah hospital, IMC deployed a hand plastic surgeon from California children hospital (Dr. Bill Holmes) to work with the doctors in caring for the burn victim. He conducted 6 plastic surgery and skin graft.


  • On this period we counseling session still continue. Some five expatriates visited dr. Len Lambeth at BIMC for follow up the end of this month Michael Romeo (Psychologist replace him) to continue counseling for expatriate.
  • Our medical screening for 20 volunteers whom working at Morgue Medical Doctor conducting. This patient referred by Dr. Robert R. from Wangaya Hospital.
  • Several planning for media campaign have been developed.
  • Advertisement for free counseling service posted at Bali Advertiser News.
  • Radio add at two local radio stations are announcing for two weeks.
  • We are working together with YKIP for puppet show campaign.


  • We had a meeting with Prof. Suryani, head of Psychiatric Department of Udayana University. We discussed current issues affecting the local Balinese. We agreed to work closely on media campaign such TV, Radio and brochure.
  • We agreement with our 3 national psychiatrists (Dr. Denny Tong, Dr. Robert R, Dr. Made Nyandra) to standby at IMC office 4 days a week at afternoon, to ahndle caller from information line.


  • During this month our Psyciatric team more busy because many of the victim come for counseling by their selves or referred by Bali Hati.
    Total numbers of 21 patients come for counseling post trauma disorder (PTSD) problem and they will be follow up every week.
    After a week part of their mental status have become normal.
  • Four session of support group therapy for the victim have been held. This therapy is one of mass therapy for healing process beside medicines. The group facilitate by our psychiatrist counselor.
  • On media campaign we now posted billboard at Kuta areas to aware the community of post trauma stress problem.
  • There are some incoming caller from the information line.
  • Our social worker who had been trained by the psychiatrist handle this calling for further assistance.

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