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  • 2015/03/22

Java Site Visit 2010



As a part of YKIP’s commitment to the KIDS Program to provide the best services for the families of the Bali Bombing victims, we conducted a four- day site visit to East Java. The field and administrative officer (FAO), Sri Damayanti, visited six families and ten children during this trip. They live in Banyuwangi, Situbondo, Mojokerto, Surabaya and Sidoarjo.


  1. To maintain the continuity of the relationship between the organization and the families.
  2. To discover any problems or issues that are being faced by the families and how we could provide better assistance for them particularly for issues related to their children’s educational development but not limited to other issues.
  3. To conduct school payments for the school fees of the KIDS’s children
  4. To monitor the progress of the children’s performance at school.
  5. To distribute the school supplies for the children who could not come to Bali for the 2010 KIDS Gathering that was held in June 2010.

1.First Day, 4 October 2010

Ibu Soniyah

The first family we visited was Ibu Soniyah and her children, Lucky and Devi. After living for a few years in Kalimantan for work, Ibu Soniyah finally decided to return home to stay with her children. For those years, her children were raised by the children’s grandparents. Ibu Soniyah could only come once or twice a year to visit her children. In order that her children would be better adjusted, Ibu Soniyah thought that she should return to stay with her children. The consequence of her decision is that she lost her job and must try to find a job in Banyuwangi. According to her, she will try to start a small business selling traditional herbs by traveling.

Accompanied by Ibu Soniyah, I went to Lucky’s school, SMA N 8 Purwohardjo, to do the additional school payment of Rp. 120.000. I was supposed to meet with the guardian teacher but was unable to as there was a middle semester test for all classes, including Lucky’s class.

We went to Devi’s school. I met with Devi and her guardian teacher. According to her guardian teacher, she has done quite well in her studies this semester. Devi just started junior high school in June this year. She is in the process of adapting herself to the new environment. During her study at primary school, Devi did not show high performance. Her average grades were below 6.5. We asked the guardian teacher to help Devi to feel more comfortable in school. On the other hand, Devi is actually very good at dance (art). She wants to join the marching band team at her school. I encouraged her to do so as long as she could manage her time and prioritize her academics.

Before continue travelling, I finally was able to meet with Lucky at his house. Lucky’sacademic performance is excellent, higher than 8.0. Lucky told me that he wanted to study computers in college. He is currently in grade eleven of senior high school. I encouraged him to keep doing his best so would be able to apply for a scholarship at ITB Bandung.

Oryza Asgenda Permadi

After visiting Ibu Soniyah’s family, I went to visit Oryza Asgenda Permadi at his school. He is studying at SMA Madrasah Nurul Huda in Kabat village. I met with Oryza, his principle and his guardian teacher. Oryza is in tenth grade of senior high school. I paid for his one year school fee of Rp. 3.107.000. The school looked to be very cooperative in assisting Oryza.

In addition, Oryza is still doing after school jobs to help meet his and his grandmother’s living costs. He lives with his elderly grandmother without getting any attention from his father. According to Oryza, his father has never got in touch with him. He said that his father might live in Bali. Due to this condition, he must take responsible for looking after his grandmother. Fortunately, by living a very simple life style, Oryza could save part of his income and could buy a motorbike. He hopes that by having a motorbike he would be much more flexible in doing his activities and perhaps he could continue his study at the university in Banyuwangi after graduating from senior high school.

Ibu Nurlaila

I met with Ibu Nurlaila, Ayu and Fendy. Ayu was sick at that time. We discussed Hendy, Ibu Nurlaila’s son. Hendy decided to take a one semester leave from his school at Universitas 17 Agustus Banyuwangi as he wanted to apply to Army school. Based on KIDS’s rules, we cannot reallocate school fees; KIDS only pays for one school registration fee. In addition, Ibu Nurlaila asked about the possibility of transferring Hendy’s leftover budget to cover Ayu’s school fee if Hendy passed the Army test. Ayu is planning to go to midwifery school next year for three years. I asked Ibu Nurlaila to tell Hendy to write a request letter about this if he passes the test.

Ibu Zuniar Nur Aini

After visiting Ibu Nurlaila, we continued our travels to Situbondo, about 2.5 hours drive from Banyuwangi, where we visitedIbu Zuniar. Ibu Zuniar looked thinner then before due to the paralysis in her leg. She’ve been working hard as a tailor. Her daughter, Alivia (former KIDS’s student) was out when I came so I could not meet with her. However, from Ibu Zuniar I found out that Alivia is working as a maths teacher at aprivate tutorial institute. She’s also working as a private tutor after work. She usually start sworking at 09.00 in the morning and is back home at 09:00 PM. From Ibu Zuniar, I could also get the phone number of Hafidz – Zuniar’s son. Hafidz is still studying at Universitas Negeri Surabaya. He’s working on his final bachelor thesis.

sunspirit” that is used to treat her keloids; it is only available in Australia. In addition, she ‘s also struggling on paying for the keloid injections that must be taken every three months as the cost is not covered by her health insurance. She used to get sponsorship from Ibu April for the keloid injection but she now must pay it by herself. The cost for one time colloid injection is about Rp. 1.000.000.

In Addition, Mufthi, Ibu Chusnul’s son, has just graduated from his first diploma school at hospitality school. He is looking for a job now. He asked me whether he could get KIDS’s sponsorship again if he continues his study to the next level in about one or two years after he has some work experience. I told him that he still had some leftover funds from his university budget. I suggested that he sent a request to YKIP regarding this.

Mushofa, Ibu Chusnul’s second son is in the last year of senior high school. He has done quite well and is very active in following the training outside school provided by his vocational school. He is studying culinary arts as he wants to work as chef in the hospitality industry.

Hafizd Sidiq Nurahmat

Accompanied by Ibu Chunul (to direct the way), we visited Hafizd at his work. He works as staff at a swimming pool and gym in Surabaya. He said that he must work to help cover his daily needs as his mother, Ibu Zuniar, could not send him a living allowance. In the morning, he works as a sport teacher at one public elementary school in Surabaya. Then, starting from afternoon to evening, he works at the swimming pool and gym. That is also the factor why he could not finish his bachelor degree in sports teaching degree. He is working on his final project but finds it very difficult to finish. I encouraged him to finish his final project as soon as possible to get the certificate. He said that he would try hard to graduate in February next year.

3.Third Day, 6 October 2010

Ibu Erna Wahyuni

The last visit on the schedule was to visit Ibu Erna in Mojokerto. I met with her and found out that she was pregnant. She just got married to a man who works as a construction laborer in Bali. By getting support from her family, she decided to get married again after she did not get any news from her husband for many years, Sabri, who lives in Lombok.

Erna’s son, Zuhri, is in grade four of elementary school. I went to Zuhri’s school and asked the school to provide detailed information of the school payment. As they were not ready yet with the payment details, I postponed paying it. They will send it to me and I will transfer the payment through Erna’s account later. I also discussed Zuhri’s with his guardian teacher. From him I found out that Zuhri is quite hyperactive in his school. The teacher is understanding as to the reasons why therefore they try to guide Zuhri by encouraging him to do things he loves such as drawing.

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