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KEMBALI Program in Numbers

  • 2020/10/27

This COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world and its people in so many ways. Many of the workplaces closed, which cause so many people are being unemployed. Traveling is limited and some of them are prohibited to stop the spread of the virus. And schools are closed to ensure that the children are safe.

 During this uncertain situation, most people might face changes in their lives and daily routines. And the same happens to YKIP working situation as well. Here, we have made some adjustments to ensure that our education program can still run despite the situation. From January to July 2020, it was a bit challenging for the team because we had to do the direct assessment of the house of the KEMBALI Scholarship recipient candidates. As the outbreak emerged, we had to pay high attention to the safety of everyone when we conducted the assessment as well as to request permits every time we entered a village or an area.

 With the great support we receive towards our program, we are happy to share with you that in this academic year of 2020/2021, YKIP is able to support an additional 118 children under the KEMBALI Scholarship Program. These children have passed the direct assessment we have conducted and have met the criteria to receive our scholarship.

With these additional children joining our program, YKIP through the KEMBALI Scholarship Program is now helping a total of 486 children to stay at school. This achievement does not only show the number of children who has to succeed to receive a proper education but also to show how generous you all are to help these disadvantaged children in achieving their dreams. Thank you for joining YKIP in breaking the cycle of poverty through education!

Through our KEMBALI Scholarship Program, we are committed to providing these children with proper education and we also encourage them to complete their 12-year education. KEMBALI Scholarship Program provides the sponsored children with school supplies, cash assistance, and tuition fees in a quarterly basis. Our KEMBALI Scholarship Program works in 13 areas in Bali and we also work closely with the communities, local government, and schools in order to run the program and also to monitor the educational progress of our sponsored children.

Thank you for your continuing support to YKIP, there are 633 students to date who have managed to complete their 12 years of education and to graduate from school.

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