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KEMBALI Scholarship Program

  • 2017/11/30

In Bali today, approximately 127,000 students under 18 years old come from poor families and are 50% more likely to drop out of school. The primary reason for this drop out rate is economic hardship and as a result, this education disadvantage feeds the vicious cycle of poverty.

The drop out potential amongst students in Bali is considerably high, especially for high school students. According to the school data that YKIP has collected, the annual education cost for a senior high school student in 2015 can reach US$642 on average. In the meantime, the annual income of the families that the KEMBALI program assists is only US$857 on average. This income is very small considering that there are normally four people in a typical Balinese family.

After an extensive selection process, KEMBALI delivers hope for families locked in a cycle of no education and low wage jobs. A crucial commitment is delivered to the students in order for them to reach the key milestone for working their way out of poverty: high school graduation.

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Information on Indonesian School Years and Grades

The Indonesian education academic year begins in July and completes in June the following year. There are three levels of education before a student continues to higher education (one to three year diploma degree or undergraduate degree)  i.e.

  • Elementary school, grade 1 – 6

Students enroll in elementary school at the age of 6-7. This is a 6 year program and a certificate is issued by the School on completion of Grade 6.

  • Junior high school, grade 7 – 9

Elementary school graduates enroll in junior high school and enrollment costs are incurred. This is a 3 year program and a certificate is issued by the school on completion of Grade 9.

  • Senior high school, grade 10 – 12

Junior high school graduates enroll in senior high school and enrollment costs are incurred. This is a 3 year program and on completion students will receive a high school certificate.

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