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  • 2018/04/26

What are you going to do after graduation?

The most common question for those who are about to finish their last year of high school.

A question that is asked by their parents, teachers, peers, friends, and more often than not, themselves.

Are you going to university? Are you going to work?

For these adolescents who are at the cusps of entering adulthood, this is an important turning point, one that will have a tremendous effect on their future. Wanting the children that they have supported over the years to grasp the best opportunities they possibly could, YKIP holds an annual Career Day that is filled with information on what to expect from the working life, as well as tips and tricks on how to excel in whichever path young people will choose.

“The main purpose of the Career Day is to broaden the children’s horizon and let them know that they have many options,” explained Ayu Ratna, the Program Manager of YKIP Scholarship Program. “For those who are looking for jobs, they usually get recommendations from their friends and would likely end up behind a cashier in a minimart. By the end of this Career Day, we hope that they would be able to search for more job prospects that will help them elevate their standard of living.”

Hesty Novianti, a guest speaker for the day who works in Human Resource Department at Mitrais, lent her perspective on what HR would expect from a potential candidate. In her session, she outlined the importance and how to make CV and cover letter. She demonstrated, with volunteers from the crowd, how job interview would be conducted.

Most importantly, the children were taught how to utilize the internet, and more specifically their smartphones, to look up for jobs. Afterwards, Google and job portals became a common knowledge for the soon-to-be graduates. Considering that there is a tendency to refer to word-of-mouth and printed media for jobs, this could be a game-changing information for many of them.

Experience is the best teacher; because of this, YKIP has enlisted the help of several inspirational individuals to share theirs with the children.

Pande Nyoman Adi Putra was a recipient of Alfa Prima and YKIP scholarships who had finished diploma with 2 distinctions. To get to that point, he worked since he was in primary school to pay for his studies.

Ni Wayan Purniati faced a different situation in her pursuit of education. Her desire to continue high school was not approved by her parents, who considered graduating junior high school was enough. Without their knowledge, she enrolled herself to senior high school. Her parents, once informed about this, agreed to let her studies continue with a caveat: she has to pay it herself due to their family’s financial constraints. She then worked after school to help make souvenirs for tourists. Now, she is a holder of bachelor’s degree with the help of YKIP who had been the main contributor to helping her with the tuition fees.

Ni Kadek Budiasih. Since she was a kid, has had a dream to lift up her family’s living situation. Her house was hardly a proper one, with walls made of weaved bamboo and no toilet. But, she had a dream and her whole life was dedicated to obtaining it, no matter how much effort it took. Dias, as she is affectionately known, sold whatever she could, worked all kinds of jobs, and disregarded any obstacles such as long travel time to ensure that she had the best possible education. In a village full of people who barely graduated primary school, she was an anomaly. Her perseverance won her a Bachelor’s Degree and a job in one of Indonesia’s prominent banks as a Marketing Officer. She managed to build the house that she wanted for her family and is now living with her husband, knowing that her brother and sister are also taken care of.

Jenal Rahmawan, a manager in a multinational company, shared his story on how he had to face skeptics when he announced his decision to go to a university outside of his hometown. He also emphasized that there was nothing that couldn’t be learned. One only needs to have the motivation to grasp the goal they set out for themselves. As a person with a disability that hindered his mobility, he is in the opinion that, “We all get to that point of success, the difference between me and others is that I get there slower. But I give it my all and never give up. You all have to do better than I do.”

A similar message was delivered by Irwan Saroso, a person who had never worked as an employee at all in his life. “Being employed or becoming an employer is a choice,” he said. Since he was able, he had been collecting money using all possible means, as long as they were legal, and he was his own boss. He started with selling newspapers, a trade that carried him through university. Irwan emphasized that the key to success was to want and to try hard.

“Without a goal, you’d be swayed in every direction and never achieve success,” he said. “Define your ‘success’ and keep at the path you chose to get there. Wanting alone is not enough. It’s taking the steps to get there, one at a time, steady and not stopping, that is important. Opportunities come every day, so we have to be ready to accept them.” He summarized all the others’ inspirational speakers’ point as: “SET YOUR GOAL AND WORK HARD.”

The Career Day was not only about working, but also helping those who are looking forward to joining a tertiary education level. University is a dream shared by many of the soon –to-be-graduates and YKIP has several scholarships they could apply for.


Career Day is an annual event held by YKIP to broaden the children’s mind and prepare them to face any challenges that will come after their graduation.

At the end of the day, whatever the path these young people would choose, YKIP is happy, knowing that they will always have made a well-informed decision.

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