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KIDS Distribution Event and Java Visit

  • 2019/09/23

KIDS Distribution Event

A new academic year is always fascinating. This new academic year is also as fascinating. For many children, the new academic year is welcomed with happy feelings, but for those who are not fortunate enough, a new academic year is bittersweet. The excitement to meet again with new friends at school, new teachers, and new classroom mix with worried feelings whether they can continue the study in the next grade due to the educational cost that their parents have to pay.   

Luckily, the children in KIDS program do not need to worry about the possibility of dropping out as YKIP organizes the school supplies distribution at the beginning of the academic year. Conducted on 1st July  – 12th July, there were school supplies, USB flash drive, and shoes to be distributed to three Senior High School students and 18 University students.   

We’d like to express our highest appreciation to our best students for the academic year 2017-2018:  

  1. Cantika
  2. Indra
  3. Fendy
  4. Apriliani
  5. Izzul
  6. Richa
  7. Trisna
  8. Rachmat
  9. Wulan
  10. Aldi
  11. Sustapeni
  12. Wina
  13. Dwiga
  14. Wawan

The students in the list were able to reach the passing grade of 8 out 10 for junior and senior high school and 3,3 for the university level. Our appreciation also goes to Thifaldi Iqbal for his achievement as the 2nd winner Islamic singing competition.   

During this new academic year, we would like to congratulate Cantika who begins her new journey as a senior high school student. Also, we would like to congratulate Apriliani, Bagus, and Fendy as they are now studying at university.   

Java Visit  

YKIP also paid a visit to our sponsored students in Java. They are Zuhri, who lives in Kediri with her mother, and Fendy, who lives in Banyuwangi. The visit aimed to not only bring them the school supplies they needed but also to know whether they had any problems pursuing higher education.   

The visit to Kediri was also conducted to find out the best school he might want to attend, which he had not decided yet. Next, we visited Fendy in Banyuwangi to make sure that he was all prepared to attend his teacher training program at the University of Banyuwangi. He would be a student of the Faculty of Teaching majoring in Physical Education and Sports.   

We wish all the best to all student in KIDS program, and we hope that they will be able to keep up the good work and reach the best achievements in their study. Good luck!  

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