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KIDS' Initiative Project: One Laptop to A Child

  • 2018/04/13

Sixteen years ago, a partnership was formed between two non-profit organizations YKIP and YKIDS to support the education of children who had lost one or both parents, or a parent who had been permanently injured in the Bali bombing of 2002. The result of this partnership was the KIDS Scholarship Program. However, since July 2010, the KIDS Scholarship Program has been solely managed by YKIP due to the closure of YKIDS.
We aim to provide comprehensive educational assistance to the children in the KIDS program that will enable them to finish their education through to the university level. 
Since this project began in 2003, YKIP has supported 132 children. However, the number reduced to 61 in 2004 as some of the children of injured parents had recovered and returned to work and no longer needed YKIP support. The number of children supported also decreased as they graduated from school. 
Currently, the KIDS Program supports 26 children and intends to continue their support until the youngest KIDS student graduates from university in 2026.

“When YKIP gifted me a brand-new laptop, I was on cloud nine. I started to explore the configurations of my laptop all night long and on my way to campus on the following Monday, I was very excited about meeting my friends to show them that now I can help completing the group assignment without worrying cannot meet the deadline.” (Rachmat, 19)

At ten o’clock in the morning on Saturday, 10th March 2018, an event to distribute laptop donation to KIDS children organized by YKIP opened with a speech from Mark Keatinge, a man who initiated YKIP/YKIDS Children's Education Fund program back in 2003. He told the children on how KIDS was formed and survived up until now. The opening speech was brief but constructive, left the children with a message to keep aiming for the stars and the event continued with the handover of laptop donations to fourteen KIDS university students by Mark Keatinge as YKIP’s Guest of Honor and represented KIDS Scholarship Program.

Fourteen children were buzzing for their turn to receive the gift. They were not just looked excited, they were thrilled especially when they opened the gift and saw a brand-new laptop shining from the inside! Imagine one girl named Ayu, who is now in her first year at Udayana University majoring in Information Technology. She never had a laptop before while her course subjects at the university require her to utilize a digital device and to fulfill her needs of study, Ayu had to borrow someone else's laptop until her mother can save enough money to buy her one. Few people who stood in that room might see Ayu’s jaw dropped as she did a double take to see what was inside her gift bag. While a boy named Alief expressed his gratitude to KIDS because he got the new laptop just in time. He really in need to have a laptop to support his study since his old laptop broken.

Still part of the initiative project, YKIP also provided a short computer training which delivered by Mitrais' IT staff who volunteered to assist us with this project. During the short training, the children were enthusiast and actively asking details on how to operate the laptop to their mentor. We hope by providing students with 24-hour access to a digital device, these fourteen students will be able to increase their productivity and learning to complete their studies at university, enable them to become the producers and evaluators of knowledge. The laptops will also allow them to locate, evaluate, and interpret information, as well as collaborate with others to engage in authentic, real-world tasks. Most importantly, the students will develop the skills they need to compete in today’s 21st-century economy.

This initiative project came early in December 2017 when YKIP’s Head of Management Board announced her vision to provide every university student supported through KIDS Scholarship Program with a laptop for learning at school and at home. Ayu Ratna Wulandari, the Coordinator of YKIP Scholarship Program explained during the lunch break, “The laptop donation project for KIDS children will be held again this year when more KIDS students enroll to university in the upcoming school year.” The distribution of laptops to fourteen KIDS university students marks the completion of the first phase of the donation laptop initiative. The second phase will begin during the 2018–2019 school year when five more KIDS students continue studying in university.


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