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KIDS Scholarship Program

  • 2017/11/30

The YKIP/YKIDS Children’s Education Fund was established in June 2003 as a joint fund-raising entity between Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi (YKIP) and Yayasan K.I.D.S (Kuta International Disaster Scholarship). It aims to provide comprehensive educational needs of children who lost a parent in the Bali bombing or who had a permanently injured parent by the Bali Bombing 2002. If there are surplus funds, it will also be used to provide for the educational needs of other disadvantaged children in Bali.
Since this project began in 2003, we have supported 132 children whose parents were either killed or injured in the bombing. The children of injured parents who have since recovered and returned to work are no longer supported and the number of children supported decreases as they graduate from school.

About KIDS

The idea of the Kuta International Disaster Scholarship (KIDS) partnership was formed at a meeting of the Bali Recovery Group (a consortium of NGOs, individuals and other organizations formed when the Bali Bomb 2002 occurred) at the end of 2002. Yayasan K.I.D.S. had been started by staff of the chain store, COURTS, and was formally registered in December 2002 as a charitable non-profit organization to support the education of children who had lost one or both parents or had a parent who had been permanently injured in the Kuta bombings in October 2002. David Wood, Sara Pramana and a number of volunteers from COURTS instigated the idea to provide scholarships to these children. Mark Keatinge of YKIP had the same idea and a partnership was formed.

The shared mission of the two organizations was to ensure that the children of the bomb victims could continue their education as long as they wanted (and funds permitting). A new joint organization called YKIP-YKIDS was formally established on 23 June 2003 with a Memorandum of Understanding signed by both sides. Based on this agreement, YKIP handles the major fundraising and finances while YKIDS is mainly in charge of outreach.

The YKIDS volunteers from COURTS searched for data on the children, visiting all of them in their homes and trying to assist them both morally and materially as well as giving them the courage to think positively and get on with their lives. Other organizations did this as well, and their efforts were consolidated in a database, stored originally with the Bali Hati Foundation, that is now with YKIP. This was organized through the Bali Recovery Group.

However due to the closing down of PT COURTS Indonesia, the management of Yayasan KIDS decided to transfer the KIDS program to be solely managed under YKIP. Therefore effective 1st July 2010 the KIDS Program is now managed directly by YKIP.

Origin of KIDS

The YKIP-KIDS Children’s’ Education Fund began in early 2003 through the efforts of many. It was, however, kick started by a third grade class on another island 10,000 miles away—Bainbridge Island in Washington state. This school makes a colorful calendar every year as a fund-raising mechanism. The sale of their 2002 calendar netted them $10,000; half of which they gave to YKIP-KIDS for the education of the children of the bomb victims.

Please click here to read stories about origin of KIDS.

Mark Keatinge, the YKIP Friend
Alice Mendoza, teacher at Wilkes Elementary School
Audrey Covert, the student

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