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Feb 2021
17 Feb

Youth Career Planning Program 2020

Youth Career Planning Program was held virtually. The enthusiast students are eager to participate in the event and they like the event and the information shared during the event.


Oct 2020
27 Oct

Welcome to New Campus!

We would like to welcome the new students in the Vocational and University students in our programs. Nine students are admitted to Vocational Programs and three students admitted to a tourism university.


26 Oct

Stay Productive During the Pandemic

Pandita, one of our vocational students shared about how to stay productive during the Pandemic. Find out what to do during the pandemic to stay productive.


Jul 2020
29 Jul

YKIP’s Sponsored Students in numbers

The latest update of the sponsored students in our programs


29 Jul

Food Package Distribution on KEMBALI Fourth Quarter Distribution

Additional food package distributed to the sponsored children during the fourth quarter distribution


29 Jul

The Effects of COVID-19 on Our Sponsored Students

The effect of COVID-19 to our students on their study and daily life.


Apr 2020
17 Apr

Creating a Business in Photography with Pande

Pande, our Field Officer and Vocational program graduates have his own sharing session in his campus. He share about his experience in creating the business in photography.


15 Apr

Education Cost

Our students come from families with disadvantaged backgrounds. Through your donations, we are able to assist our students to enroll in a one-year vocational certified course, purchase books and educational materials, and uniforms. We support our most needy students with an accommodation allowance and a very modest allowance for transport and daily living.


Feb 2020
07 Feb

Youth Career Planning Workshop 2019

The annual career planning workshop held on December 2019. We invite the children to learn more about panning their future.


06 Feb

Congratulation! Vocational program graduates

Happy news on vocational program. Six students graduated on November. We also share a story of one of them to you


Sep 2019
23 Sep

New Journeys in YKIP’s Vocational training program

There are seven new children sponsored for the vocational training under YKIP's Vocational Program.


Apr 2019
05 Apr


I feel so grateful for all the family support, and I’d like to extend special thanks to YKIP for their support, so I could obtain my degree. I live in a very small house in Kuta and can you believe how tiny my room is? Yet, it could hold four people including myself.


Mar 2019
12 Mar

Sponsored Students

Since 2010, YKIP Vocational Scholarship Program has supported 40 sponsored students. 33 vocational students have completed their training and gained employment with a decent income.


Jan 2018
18 Jan

Story of Success: From A Motorbike Washer to A Field Officer

From A Motorbike Washer to A Field Officer is a success story of Pande, one of the vocational graduates who completed a one-year vocational training program in 2017 through YKIP's Vocational Scholarship Program.


Nov 2017
29 Nov

Every Journey Begins with a Single Step…

…and YKIP’s first step to give back impoverished children in Pengotan Village the opportunity to study despite any financial difficulties began with 35 children. Pengotan Village of Bangli regency is the fifth district that has received YKIP’s support in ensuring the underprivileged children have a chance to continue their education.


Sep 2015
09 Sep

About Vocational Scholarship Program

Program Implementation Economically disadvantaged senior high school graduates with high potential are recruited and provided with a scholarship for one-year technical certified education program from a reputable local college, including in-class formal c


Even though the Vocational Education Scholarship would only be officially be launched in March 2012, we have initiated our first pilot project, by providing a one year vocational education scholarship to one of KEMBALI’s graduates named Purniati. Sponsored by Greg Evans, she studied a one year vocational degree of accounting at Bisma Informatika for the academic year of 2010/2011. Due to her skills in bookkeeping, she got the opportunity to do an internship for the KEMBALI department of YKIP and due to her great performance during the internship; she is hired by YKIP to assist the Program Manager of KEMBALI in executing day to day program plannings. Her achievement would become a great inspiration for her peers in the community. Congratulation Purniati!!


Purniati’ story

“My name is Purniati and I am the oldest in my family. I have one younger sister and brother. My father works as a farmer and my mother is a housewife. Due to the economic condition of my family, I almost dropped out from eight grade of junior high school, if YKIP did not come to help me”.
“After passing the selection process, I was entitled as a KEMBALI sponsorship student. I was very excited about that. Sponsored by ALF through YKIP, I could finish my 12 years of formal education. At that moment, I thought I would have no chance to continue my education to high education. I was hoping to pursue an accounting degree. Thank to God, I received a phone call from YKIP. I had the chance to continue my education by taking one year vocational education in computerized accounting. Sponsored by Mr. Greg Evans through YKIP, I started my first diploma degree in 2010 and finished it in October 2011 with a final GPA of 3.75 out of 4.00”.
“During my study at the college, I did voluntary work for YKIP for about five months as my giving back commitment to the community. I assisted KEMBALI department in doing the administrative activities for the project implementation”. I was fortunate that YKIP also offered me an internship at their organization. So I did two months internship for YKIP. I was very grateful that YKIP decided to offer me a job to become a Program Officer of KEMBALI. After finishing my degree, I started my official contract as YKIP’s employee”.
“At this time, I would like to say a great thank you to YKIP, Greg Evans, and ALF for their great support that enabled me to reach my dream and to contribute to my family’s income. I do really hope that my friends who come from economically disadvantaged families and have strong motivation to study would have the same opportunity. I hope they would be able to pursue their dream by completing at least one year vocational high education”.

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