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  • 2015/03/23

Mandara Spa is one of largest spa companies in the world. They run their business in 27 countries with an outstanding reputation for their spa therapists. They have been running their business in Bali for more than 15 years. Mandara Spa Bali, which is located on Jalan Raya Kuta, Bali, has a main role which is to recruit and train potential candidates to become spa therapists with international certificates to be placed at their offices/business central all over the world.
On 13th of December 2011, we had our first meeting with the human resource manager of Mandara Spa, Ms Christya. Upon our explanation about the vocational education scholarship program that will be officially launched in 2012, Mandara Spa would like to give their support for this program by giving employment opportunities to the graduates who have the skills to become a spa therapist. If the graduates pass their English, Interview, and Medical test, and satisfy the minimum age requirement of 19 years old, they would be recruited by Mandara Spa.
Even though the requirement for the minimum qualification for their candidates is a senior high school certificate, they would prefer one year vocational education graduates to be recruited due to their prepared mentality and the basic skills they already have. Based on their projection on the requirement for spa therapists for the next five years, they would like to give more opportunities for YKIP’s sponsored students. According to Ms Christya, by doing so, as a private company, they would be able to contribute to the empowerment of the marginalized community. They mentioned their admiration for YKIP’s mission and would like to contribute in achieving our mission.
For the first pilot partnership, they welcomed senior high school graduates recommended by YKIP to apply for spa position. Following up on this opportunity, two of our sponsored students applied for the position. One of them named Sulastri passed the selection process and has been recruited for the position. The other sponsored student is encouraged by Mandara Spa to re-apply for the position after she graduates from vocational education.
YKIP would like to acknowledge Mandara Spa for their commitment in supporting theVocational Education Scholarship Program by taking up a role as partner for Potential Employer.

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