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Seizing the Future Right Here and Right Now

  • 2019/03/28

Youth Career Planning Workshop 2018

 “I want to join the Navy!”

“I want to become a successful businessman!”

“My dream is to become a great resort manager!”

One by one, the high school students invited to YKIP’s annual Career Day held on 16th December 2018 wrote their future goals as part of the one-day workshop’s agenda.

Some 76 students from year 12 (equivalent to the third year of high school) supported by the YKIP attended the Youth Career Planning Workshop 2018. Each of them will soon find themselves standing at an important intersection in their lives right after graduation: to join the workforce, continue their studies, or carve their own path through entrepreneurship. The workshop aimed to equip them with the necessary tools and knowledge to make the best possible choice.

Each option naturally had their advantages and disadvantages, all of which were thoroughly explored by the esteemed speakers whom the YKIP Foundation invited. Leaving no stone unturned, YKIP’s guest speakers came from different industries and walks of life.

Well-written CVs and cover letters are imperative in distinguishing oneself from sea of potential job seekers aiming for the same job. Producing a positive first impression in the subsequent job interviews would be the next deciding factor. Under the guidance of Hesty Novianti, who has decades of experience working in the HR under her belt, the students practiced their CV writing skills and observed different job interview situations. Armed with generous advice from the veteran HR officer, the students would no longer fear going into a job interview for the first time.

Irwan Adipurwanto, who also volunteered as the day’s cheerful and engaging host, shared the joy and challenges of becoming an entrepreneur. His venture towards becoming his own boss began when he was a child who desired to supplement his pocket money without burdening his family. He trained himself to spot business opportunities and cultivated business connections where possible. His advice was, “To start from what you like and have”. He added “Starting a business is not a matter of ‘What I cannot do’ but rather ‘What I want or I won’t’.” Irwan is now the owner and manager of the Baliwoso Ecotourism Camp, the first of its kind in Bali.

The day was made more interesting with the presence of the patriotic Navy Major I Nyoman Suarmika, who brought with him a myriad of stories about his deployment in many different areas as well as his involvement in several major crises in Indonesia. To join the Navy, one must possess outstanding traits, and Major I Nyoman Suarmika explained in detail the requirements to join the fleet and a little about his own training in the past. Summed up in one sentence: “Join the Navy to see the world!”

As the world is becoming more and more reliant on digital technology, the opportunity to develop in the IT industry is virtually limitless. A Project Account Manager, Agus Winarta, from Mitrais, an international software development company, shed a little light on how important and lucrative the industry is. He revealed that aside from university, autodidactic learning and determination to master the programming skills are as important to be successful in the industry.

In addition to the industry experts, a YKIP graduate, Ni Luh Juliasih, who is currently working at the Mandapa Ritz-Carlton, shared her success story to encourage the current YKIP students who are looking to join the workforce upon graduation. Coming from a humble background, Juliasih, much like Irwan, began her own small business since she was in primary school.

Continuing to university is an alternative to joining the workforce, one that unfortunately does not come for free. YKIP’s officers dedicated a specialized session that expounded the types of financial supports available, like scholarships, that students can apply for. Google’s effectiveness in searching for opportunities to study outside Bali was also explained thoroughly.

Though the topics covered during the day were serious, the students received all the information eagerly, asking many questions that would further light up the road ahead of them.

YKIP KEMBALI Program Coordinator, A.A.Ayu Ratna Wulandari observed that the children from this workshop seemed to have broader horizon as their ambitions and dreams reached further than the hospitality industry, a common job choice in Bali. “We have children who want to join the Navy or open their own business where before most of them would immediately opt to work in a hotel, cruise, villa, or other hospitality related occupations. This is some real progress!”

Thank you to all the speakers, volunteers, and participants for the amazing day!

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