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  • 2015/03/23

Talking about Endang is talking about a woman with great motivation in fighting against her illnesses. She has been living with half of her body paralyzed specifically her legs for about eight years. When the bomb attacked Paddy’s café her late husband was resting in his taxi waiting for customers. Knowing her husband was killed in that tragedy, Endang became very depressed. While she was trying hard to heal herself she had to be a wise mother at the same time. Her children especially her first child, Garil, was very shocked but could not express his feelings. Two other children, Dwiga and Izzulhaq had a similar condition but were not as traumatized as Garil for they were very young (Dwiga was five years old while Izzulhaq was two years old when the bomb happened).

As a mother, Endang had to look after her children and help them, especially Garil,with their depression. “It was quite hard though. A few days after that tragedy, I told myself that I must be strong for my children. Though I was sick, I should not show it in front of my children. I must be a positive thinker,” she said.

By being positive to what she was facing, Endang could move on with a new step of her life. Together with four other women, she formed the Adopta business group in February 2003, which enabled her to become a skilled seamstress. Though she often can hardly walk because of the swelling in her right leg, she never feels inferior to her colleagues in Adopta. She can produce quality products in an efficient and effective manner.

One thing that concerns Endang at this moment is her children’s education. “I can not imagine how I can keep supporting my children’s education without the support of the KIDS programme. With my current income, it would be difficult for me to send my children to school. With the help from KIDS, I give thanks to God because now I am able to send them to their current school,” she said.

“However, I am still thinking about my first child’s condition. Garil has just transferred to a new school for he said he could not stand his former school . He said that his upper classmates were often hassling him. I thought he was quite naughty and had brought this situation upon himself. He never listens to my words and always woke up late for school. I was quite stressed because of this. The only thing I could do was pray and cry before God I asked Him to show me how to educate my boy.”

“One day, I woke up with a new vision that I believed it was from God, what happened to Garil was caused by the trauma of losing his father and his anger for my decision to get married to my current husband. That was my fault since Garil was in Java when I got married. I think I am now facing the consequences,” she said.

She never stopped blaming herself until one day she started seeing some changes in Garil’s behavior. “Now, Garil always wakes up earlier and he listens yomy word. He obeyed me when one day I asked him to come home before ten o clock for he must go school earlier. It had never happened before so I thought it was very big improvement for him. God has answered my prayers but it won’t stop me from continuing to pray for him. I actually need to see how his behavior will be in the next three months at school. If he is still acting up, then his current school may ask him to leave and I do not want to see that happen to my boy!” She said.

“Hmm, when I was quite stressed because of my first child, God actually cheered me up through my second and third children. They pleased me so much because of their study habits. My second child has just become a finalist for National Mathematic Olympics at the primary school level. He also got ranked rank in grade five. He is now in grade six and preparing himself for the national exams to take place in next May or June.”

“Thanks to KIDS, all of my children have been able to have a good education up until now. I will try to keep supporting them to the fullest of my capacity. One thing I would like to see in them is positive thinking. I want to give them a good example from what I have been fighting for eight years. a good lesson I would like to pass on is no matter what happens to your body or to your life you will still be able to have a joyful life should you have positive thinking in your mind,” Endang said.

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