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  • 2015/03/23

Ristiasih, a widow of Made Wija, takes care and looks after her three daughters by running a small shop in front of her house and tailoring business as well. Using her manual sewing machine, she sews sorts of shirts by orders. She often gets orders through her friend who has a convection business. The business revenue she gets from this business and as well as from the small shop business is spent to cover her family daily lives.

“Before my husband passed away because of the bomb in 2002, my daily family needs were covered by my and my late husband’s income. He worked as security guides at one hotel in Kuta. My family was very happy. I had a dream of seeing my children got succeed in their life. This goal motivated me and my late husband to work harder and harder. Unfortunately the tragedy in 2002 has made me lost that hope for some times. I was so depressed that I did not what I should do. The day before the tragedy, I, my late husband and my children went to my husband’s village due to the ceremony would be held there. He was not in good condition and he supposed not going to work on October 12th. However, he was insisted to go for work. Since he went to office from our village, he went through Legian road. If he went to office through our home he would not pass the Legian road that night and he might still alive now. Ah…. That sometimes came up in my mind. I wish we went work from our house,” Ristiasih said.

That was a real life. No one will know what would be happened to his/her life. We would never know weather we will still alive tomorrow so does Ristiasih. She realized that everything happened in her life was under God’s control. By knowing this, she tried to accept her husband death and tried to move on her life. The only thing she concerns about now is her children’s future. She was aware of her children’s education. Without having good education, her children would be difficult to get better job in the future.

“That was why; I was very encouraged when YKIP/YKIDS came with KIDS program in the time I lost my hope because of what happened to my late husband. Through KIDS Scholarship, I have assurance that my daughters would be able to study through the university. Thank you very much KIDS.”

“My first daughter, Nari is studying on University in teaching degree. She study Bahasa Indonesia and she wants to be Bahasa Indonesia teacher after graduated. I am very proud of her as her GPA on last semester was very good, about 3.23 out of 4.00. My second daughter, Yulia is studying on grade three of senior high school. She wants to continue her study on medical school. I hope she would get this chance through KIDS program as she’s really encouraged to be a doctor. She wants to serve and help as many people as possible. My third daughter, Komang Ayu is on grade four of elementary school. She got grade three on her last semester. She really loves studying mathematic and English. Oh, I love my daughters and am very proud of them. This would never be happened with the support and assistance from KIDS,” She said.

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