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Story of Success: From A Motorbike Washer to A Field Officer

  • 2018/01/18

“Pande Nyoman… the Graduate of 1-year Diploma Program majoring in Computer Accounting and Taxation”,

was the name summoned by the Master of Ceremonies at the 13th Graduation Ceremony of Alfa Prima held at Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center on 28 October 2017.

I did not believe at first, it was my name who had been summoned by the MC. This time was for the Student of the Year Award, an annual award given to the most active student on my campus. My heart was pounding like a blacksmith's hammer in my chest and when I walked to the stage, I stole a glance at the audience seats hoping to find where my parents were sitting, wondering how my parents would feel seeing their son graduated with two highest predicates. As the first one ever graduated from higher education level, I just made a remarkable history in my family.

For a moment, my mind flew seven years back to an episode in my life where I could still see clearly, I was washing someone’s motorbike for the sake of a five thousand rupiah note as my wages. Every day after school and during school holiday, I worked at a washing facility near my house to get more money to pay my school fees.

Some people were born with silver spoons in their mouths. Some others may not have immediate access to the silver spoons, yet can still afford their primary need. But for some others still, life is so very difficult, and I learn that my family lays between the second and the last one.

I grew up in a family with financial insecurity. Both of my parents and my older sister never finished their schooling. Though, I put a lot of respect for my parents as they worked very hard to put food on the table. My father himself had two jobs – he either worked in the paddy fields or took any available unskilled labor jobs in town. If I wanted my parents to be able to send me to school, I had no other option than to help them get more money to pay my education cost and I had done this since I was in 7th Grade. But still, my education cost kept increasing up to a level which no longer my parents could afford to pay.

I did not remember when exactly YKIP first visited my house. What I do remember is when I received good news from Pak Nyoman, a social worker who works for the Social Services Office in Gianyar Regency. Pak Nyoman said that I should no longer be worried about how my parents would pay my education cost because starting the new academic year, YKIP would support me with a scholarship until I graduated from high school.

YKIP kept its promise to me that if I was eligible and had the willingness to pursue my education, the support would continue until I graduated from high school. As a matter of fact, the support did not just stop there. Last year, YKIP offered me another scholarship to continue my education at a one-year vocational training institute where I could improve and expand my knowledge and skills in accounting. Now, here I am. Standing on this stage with two honorary awards given by Alfa Prima, a vocational training institute where I studied for the past 12 months.

“Congratulations, Pande! You deserved this success!”

said I Made Artana, S.Kom, the Head of Primakara Foundation which oversees the Alfa Prima Vocational Training Institute, as he shook my hand firmly. In addition to the awards, I received cash prizes in total of two million rupiahs as rewards of my outstanding achievement.


Today, anytime people ask me who I am, I will proudly describe myself as Pande Nyoman, the Field Officer of Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi; a young Balinese man who works and dedicates his skills and time to support the education of disadvantaged students in Bali through an organization which its mission is to break the cycle of poverty through education. I have worked for YKIP since September 2017 and will continue to learn as well as to work hard to bring more goodness to the people's lives around me.

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