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  • 2019/04/05

Success Story

“I have a dream, a fantasy to help me through reality,’” this song sung by ABBA just shows us that every kid has their own dream. This song always gives a hope and motivation to reach my dream. I am just a normal kid like any other who wants their dream to come true. Luckily, I graduated with a diploma in Computer Finance and Taxes from Alfa Prima, an institute of management and informatics, and I’m currently working as a finance admin officer at Holos Intergra (Industry and Export Organic Coconut Sugar).

I feel so grateful for all the family support, and I’d like to extend special thanks to YKIP for their support, so I could obtain my degree. I live in a very small house in Kuta and can you believe how tiny my room is? Yet, it could hold four people including myself. My family is not rich or let alone a middle class. Lucky for me, one day I met one of the staff from YKIP and then started to fill out the form to register myself to a scholarship. After couple of months, I received some really big news! I got the opportunity to receive “Beasiswa Kembali”, which is a scholarship program from YKIP.

I was a student at a local school called SMP Negeri 1 Kuta, and consistency in my academic report was the key to continue to receive YKIP scholarship. Unfortunately, not every student was as lucky as me. Their result was below the average, and they could not continue their scholarship.

There was a little argument between me and my parents over whether to continue to a vocational or general high school (SMA Negeri 1 or 2 in Kuta) as well as to find the closest school as we had moved to Benoa (South Kuta). However, I still wanted to go for a high school though the distance between my home and the school was quite far as it is located in Seminyak area. Consequently, I had to wake up earlier every day and left home as early as 6.30 am.

At this time, I already started to think about my career. I remember having a dream of becoming a doctor, a teacher, and a nurse when I was little. I wanted to be a nurse because I was really keen on the Biology subject, that is why back then in high school I chose MIA Program (Mathematic & Science) and also participated in PMR (Palang Merah Remaja), a teenaged students red-cross association, as well as an English Club. Well, I only joined the English Club for 6 months and stayed focused on the PMR Club, instead. In fact, I was one of the five members from the school to join as volunteers for SATGAS (Satuan Tugas Siaga Sukarela), volunteers on standby-unit, which was held in Badung area. It was pretty good experience that I had.

When I nearly finished high school, I talked to myself, “Do I really want to be a nurse?”, “will I be able to help my family if I am a nurse?”. So many questions came and crossed my mind, and I wasn’t quite sure if my parents would support me either. My height and weight were below average, I also was wearing glasses and that would be challenging to get a job as a nurse, I guess.

I always made every effort to find information on the internet about applying for a scholarship to university or higher degree then I found BIDIKMISI college and spoke to my mom and dad about their scholarship. It was a very hard decision to make and choose the major of study. “Should I take an English literature or hospitality?”. Umm I didn’t have any interest in both as my parents told me to choose, so perhaps I could work as a teacher.

I took the test to apply for a scholarship program such as SNMPTN, SBMPTN, PMDK, UMPTN as well as BIDIKMISI and so on. For SBMPTN, I registered to three universities i.e. Finance at Udayana University, English Literature at Udayana and Elementary teacher (ProdiPGSD) at Ganesha University, and one Polytechnic: Finance Managerial and Business & Management in hospitality at Polytechnic Bali (private college). Sounds like complicated but that is what we call in our country.

A Career Day was provided by YKIP for students of year thirteen. They gave us a form to join for a scholarship as well as a brochure of Alfa Prima College and Literary, I was lucky to receive the last paper for signing in then I told my parents about this, so they could support me. I’d studied hard to prepare for BIDIKMISI and YKIP scholarships even my dad also spent his time to take a day off and went back to the village for getting some paperwork done.

A few months after, I got a phone call from Mbak Dian. She told me that I passed the first round of screening. Then I registered for Alfa Prima in order to take Diploma 1 in Finance & Taxes, and I eventually passed the test. Meanwhile, SBMPTN was the last test that I applied for. In the afternoon at 2 pm, I opened the link to check the result and I was overwhelmed that I could study at Ganesha/ Singaraja University.

Life always has its ups and downs, and my dad just had eyes surgery and at the same time my family held “Ngaben” tradition for my grandpa as his already passed away. At that time, our financial was not enough, and it made me think twice to re-register to Undiksha. I couldn’t help crying because it was a tough situation to think about my education and career. Even though I applied for BIDIKMISI, I might need some fund since the place was far from my house, and I would have to stay in a flat.

A day after SBMPTN, I felt that I’d chosen the right decision for my future. Mbak Dian called me by phone to ask me about my scholarship program, and finally I took a class for Diploma 1 in Computer Finance & Taxes in Alfa Prima College. It was challenging to me since I didn’t have enough knowledge about accounting from my previous school. However, I’ve learned new things with my friends at the Uni and felt so happy with the atmosphere and people around me.

One year went by so fast at the campus, and it was the time for me to prepare for LTA study report (Laporan Tugas Akhir), a college final assignment, where my lecturer would start guiding me for making this last report of study. However, sometimes it was postponed by the tutor, got home very late, made some revisions, and so on. I also still remember having to go to Ubud from Seminyak in order to get his/her approval because I was running out of time or three days to go. On 28 September 2018 would be the day when my lecturer would ask me about what I wrote in the study report.

Long story short, I passed the exam. And, while I was waiting for my graduation, I started applying for a job, even though it was challenging until I had some interviews but could not make it to the next phase. Then one day I got a call from Holos Integra company to have an interview, and finally I could join their company on 10th October 2018 as a finance staff member.

Finally, I had my graduation with a diploma on 3rd November 2018, and I believe, one day if I have an opportunity I would like to continue my study to a higher degree in Accounting major to help my parents and my youngest sibling with their study. I really appreciate and thank YKIP and Alfa Prima for having supported me a lot and for giving me the opportunity that has transformed my life.

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