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Success Story of Darmani - University Graduates of 2016

  • 2016/11/13

New Beginning, New Hope

Darmani is one of the KEMBALI graduates of 2013, who was selected for her ability to face the intellectual challenges at the university level. She has been a remarkable student since the first time YKIP provided scholarship to support her education back in 2004 when she was still a student at elementary school.

Finally, after three years of studying hard at Bali State Polytechnic, on October 4th, 2016, Darmani stepped her foot towards the stage at Mangupura Hall, Bali International Convention Centre Nusa Dua, to receive her diploma and officially earned her Associate Degree in Accounting from Bali State Polytechnic. Darmani graduated with a 3.5 GPA.

After her graduation day, Darmani would like to share few words with the readers,

"I am truly blessed to be one of the 2013 recipients of YKIP University scholarship. After graduating from senior high school, I was further encouraged by YKIP to continue realizing my potential through higher education and YKIP has provided the opportunity for me to make it happen. Today, I am so overwhelmed with joy. One of the best experience I had today is when I saw through my parents' eyes how proud they were standing next to me on my graduation day and knowing that I have given a new hope to my family. Recently, I have been accepted to work as an accounting staff at a three-star resort in Ubud and with a steady income I have right now, I can help my parents provide education for my younger sister who is still a high-school senior …

… Along with my family, there have been countless people who have selflessly helped me along my journey to pursue a higher education. From YKIP staff, my high school teachers to my college friends and many more, these people have also served as great motivation for me to keep going forward. Knowing that there are people who believe in my potential stops me from letting them and myself down. Also, thank you to Inspirasia Foundation that has been generously sponsoring me until I completed my study and earned my degree today.

… And last but not least, I believe that knowledge is power; hence pursuing a higher education is the only way for me to achieve upward mobility, which would benefit not only me and my family but also my community for the better future. As my message to all students supported by YKIP scholarship program, never take your disadvantaged background as an excuse to stand still. You just need to keep moving forward."

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