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YKIP: Donor and Motivator

  • 2018/11/28

Gek Dewi Arini is one of the students who was supported by YKIP to continue her study at the Ganesha University of Education (UNDIKSHA). After four years in the University, she managed to finish her study and earned a bachelor’s degree in English education. It took hard work and courage for her to reach this all, and this is her story…

I am the youngest children of my family. We live in a small house in Gianyar, yet it is always the best home for us. I am so blessed that people trust me. They have invested in my education and taken care of my future. I and my family struggle financially but I still grow up with love and enough attention. When I was in the elementary school, I have been seeing my parents working at some different places from day to night. Having unstable monthly income makes my parents “borrow from Peter to pay Paul” just for the sake of living. 

We kept on worrying about how to earn the money, how to stay survive, and what food to eat almost all the time; we consider it as part of our life. Even though my parents only finished Paket C, which equals to Senior High School in Indonesia, they are aware of the importance of education. My parents once told me that education is the only thing that can improve our life. Therefore, they are willing to sacrifice themselves and do everything they could do to send me to school. My parents are my motivation. As a result, I managed to get good achievement every semester since the first semester in elementary school. Seeing my achievement, YKIP granted scholarship for me and that became the turning point of my life. I am so grateful that I could be the YKIP scholarship beneficiary. Of course, I did not let the opportunity go to waste. I kept my learning motivation high and held the scholarship until I successfully graduated from senior high school.

After graduating from senior high school, life again tested me. I had to make a tough decision between getting a job or continuing my study to a higher level. Back in the day, getting a job is a way to help my parents. I am young, and I could be the breadwinner of the family. I could help my parents, so they do not need to work from dawn to dusk anymore. However, I also would love to continue my study to a higher level. Although I know that it is not cheap, and I know my parents could not afford it, I remember what my parents said about the importance of education for a better life and a better future. That’s why I still had a dream to go to college. Like a lighthouse in the dark mist of the storms, YKIP offered me a chance to apply a scholarship for a university level.

I did my best to get the scholarship I believe “Where there is a will, there is a way”. I was extremely happy knowing that I was selected as one of the YKIP’s university level scholarship grantee. I then continued my study and went to a university in Bali. College life was not easy. Studying in a higher level was challenging but I did not give up. YKIP became my motivation when in college. I wanted to thank YKIP for the opportunity by doing the best I could even I had to challenge my own limit. Finally, the most awaited day arrived. Precisely on August 30, 2018, I could bring my parents to see the day I wore the graduation cap. I could see clearly the tears of joy from their eyes. They once had a dream about sending me to college and it is not a dream anymore. I could stand proudly and tell them that I did it.

My parents told me to always be humble and grateful for what we have. Having the opportunity to reach my dream, graduating from college, is something that I will always be grateful for the rest of my life. I am forever grateful to YKIP, donors and all the parties who have made this opportunity to be there, who have made these all possible for me. The years that I have spent as a university student lead me to become who I am today. I have found myself changing to be mature and ready to serve a better life for my family especially my parents. I have met wonderful people and got new experiences and I can say that I have grown under your care. Your support for this past 13 years really means to me. Words would never ever be able to express my sincere gratitude, but still, I would like to give back all the glory and accomplishment to all of you, all the parties in YKIP.

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