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  • 2015/03/25

Although the new academic year of 2014/2015 has already started and the second quarter distribution of school supplies and education cash assistance has already taken place; 4 students are still looking for sponsors to help support their education. YKIP wants to ensure these students continue their education and we appeal for your help to make that happen.

Sponsorship varies depending on the student’s grade level and range between USD 180 – 459 per academic year.  YKIP’s KEMBALI Scholarship Program not only provides educational support, it also assists future graduates with consultancy clinics which may lead to post high school education or employment.

Help us break the cycle of poverty by sponsoring a child through the KEMBALI Scholarship Program. Child sponsorship is a life changing experience; you will not only touch the life of the child you are sponsoring, but you will also see that their success changes the lives of their family and community.

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