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Since 2002 YKIP run the program below:

KIDS Scholarship Program

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Kembali Scholarship Program

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Vocational Scholarship Program

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University Scholarship Program

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Who We Are

Yayasan Kemanusiaan
Ibu Pertiwi

Established in 2002, Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi (YKIP) is a charity foundation with commitments to improving access to education for children in Bali.  

The foundation, initially set up to provide relief efforts to the First Bali Bomb victims, has expanded its initial programs to include education services through a scholarship program. This program gives children the chance to continue studies from elementary school to university to improve life in the future. With the spirit of enhancing the life quality of those in need in Bali through education, YKIP programs have now covered five regencies and one city in Bali, reaching out to less underprivileged children from varied education levels. 




You can support the children in the programs by donating to our campaign. Click to campaign to find out more information.  

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Non - monetary support

Your support means everything to them

You can support YKIP program through your business or company. Please contact us at if you have the opportunity below for our students.

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Recent News

Five Vocational Scholarship Students Graduated

On October 28, five vocational scholarship students graduated from Monarch Bali Gianyar. One of the students, Suta, finished his one-year training in food and beverage services. The other four students graduated from…

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KEMBALI Students in 2022-2023 Academic Year

After delightfully seeing the result of 52 KEMBALI students who graduated in June 2022, we are delighted to welcome the new academic year of 2022/2023. In this academic year, YKIP, under its…

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Reflection on 20 years Bali Bombing

Wiwie Harris, Head of YKIP Management board shared her reflection on 20 years of Bali Bombing: Twenty years ago, on October 12th 2002, a horrifying tragedy struck our beloved island of Bali;…

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