UNIVERSITY Scholarship Program


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University Scholarship Program: Tuition Scholarship 

Started in 2009, the YKIP University scholarship aims to provide the best students of the KEMBALI program with the opportunity to study and contribute to their communities in the fields they are skilled in.

Only graduates of the KEMBALI Scholarship Program are entitled to continue their study at universities through this scholarship program. The sponsors of this scholarship program are the Inspirasia Foundation, formerly known as the Anika Linden Foundation, and individual sponsors.

Since its establishment, this program has funded 15  students. The scholarship covers both tuition fees and other allowances that can be provided with further consideration when funds are sufficient. 

In the next five years (2021-2025), YKIP is targeting to grant 5 students in various academic majors. 


We wish to welcome anyone who would like to support Senior High School graduates that have demonstrated a high level of potential and are at an economic disadvantage to achieve their dreams and become future leaders in their community.

The tuition fee for the YKIP University Scholarship Program range from USD 2,300- 4,500 depending on the academic major chosen by students. 

As a sponsor, you can monitor the student's academic progress you are funding through progress reports that will be sent every semester. In addition, you will have a wonderful opportunity to meet the students and their families when you happened to visit Bali. 

Please contact us at for more details if you are interested in sponsoring a student.

Since its initiation in 2009, 27 sponsored students have benefited from the YKIP University Scholarship and all of them are academically outstanding senior high school graduates.

16 Students graduated from the University, and 11 of them are still pursuing their degree at University.