KIDS Scholarship Program


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Kuta International Disaster Scholarship (KIDS) is the first education scholarship program run by YKIP to help the Bali Bomb victims: children who lost parents and whose parents became permanently disabled due to the tragedy.  Established in 2003 as a joint fund-raising entity between Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi (YKIP) and Yayasan K.I.D.S (Kuta International Disaster Scholarship)  

This program aims to help those children continue their studies from elementary to university. It also aims to provide comprehensive educational needs of children who lost a parent in the Bali bombing or who had a permanently injured parent by the First Bali Bombing 2002. If there are surplus funds, it will also be used to provide for the educational needs of other disadvantaged children in Bali. Initially, YKIP managed to reach 132 children. Once the parents fully recovered and were back to work again, YKIP prioritized the support for children whose parents became permanently disabled. This program received a lot of supports from many, some of which were in funding.   

The first fund was the donation from Wilkes Elementary School, facilitated by Alice Mendoza and Mark Keatinge. Their generosity has given the youngest children the chance to continue their studies until 2026. If you wish to support this program, you are most welcome to support various KIDS programs, such as gatherings and workshops.  

The program’s objective is to ensure the children stay at the school they attended before the First Bali Bomb in 2002, through to completing Grade 12. However, the children are obligated to follow the KIDS education policy. Should a situation arise where the children do not follow our policy guidelines, the program may be suspended or the scholarship withdrawal.

The KIDS scholarship covers tuition fees and other educational support, including uniforms, shoes, school bags, books, stationery supplies, extracurricular activities and tutorials. The education cost budget is determined by each level of school grade i.e. primary, secondary, high school and higher education. The budget for the following year is determined by using the actual average expenditure of the past year plus a provision for increased costs.

Thank you to our generous donors, both from institutions and from individuals, our program is fully funded to support the remaining scholars’ education costs through to completing university. The duration of this program is until the end of year 2026.

Interested sponsors are still able to get involved in the program by making in-kind donations. These donations will provide additional support to our scholars with items and prizes for best students as well as sponsorship for KIDS events (such as KIDS Gathering, Career Planning Workshop, and Parenting Style Workshop).

In December 2003, we were very happy to report that the injured parents of 73 children we were supporting had recovered from their injuries. We discontinued the support for these children as their parents were able to get back to work again.

All students who are  no longer supported by us are classified as completed. However, this does not mean that they have finished their study until university. The criteria classified as complete are as the following:

  • Completed higher education, a Bachelor degree or a 1 to 3 years Diploma degree.
  • Completed Senior High School and decided not to continue to higher education.
  • Get married.
  • Joined higher education funded by the government of Indonesia in Army Academy.
  • Move outside Indonesia.

The program will continue until all students finish their education through to completing university. The youngest sponsored child is expected to graduate from university in 2026

As most of the students are going to complete their study, in 2021 there are 17 students who are still in school or campus. Two of them are in senior high school, while the other 15 are in higher education.