KEMBALI Scholarship Program


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Scholarship for Elementary-Senior High School students

Kids Education Management in Bali (KEMBALI) is a scholarship program for Elementary to High School students initiated in 2004 by provisioning educational assistance to 50 Elementary School  students in Gianyar. Ever since the program began, the number are continuing to increase. In the Academic Year of 2020/2021, KEMBALI Scholarship Program supports 486 Elementary to Senior High School children in six regencies in Bali: Denpasar, Kuta and Mengwi (Badung), Les Village (Buleleng), Pengotan Village (Bangli), Karangasem, and Gianyar.

KEMBALI program aims to provide underprivileged kids to complete 12-year education and to finish High School. This high school scholarship gives hope to the fostered children to break the poverty cycle. What distinguishes the KEMBALI program from other educational assistance programs is that the KEMBALI program provides ongoing basis support to students who meet the criteria until they graduate from Senior High School.

Based on data from the Central Bureau of Statistics of Bali Province in September 2019, the total number of people living below the poverty line are more than 165 thousand people. With the income under IDR 412,906 per month, they have difficulty in making their ends meet. Not to mention paying for children’s education is such a burden for each family.  

From the data collected by YKIP, the school entrance fee for a child in grade 7  in the 2020-2021 per year is IDR 5,575,000. With a high education cost compared to average income, many of these children are at risk of dropping out of school, lack of skills and knowledge due to leaving school will lead to fewer opportunities to get a decent job with a better income. On the contrary, children from disadvantaged families who could receive support for full educations will have more opportunities to grow and upskill themselves which enable them to break the poverty cycle in their families.

By donating to the YKIP Scholarship Program for Elementary-Senior High School students, you will help the children in need with their school fees, uniform, stationery, bags, shoes, and pocket money. 


Annual Education Cost for Academic Year 2023/2024

KEMBALI scholarship provides support through several types of assistance such as tuition fees, uniforms, and stationery for children to attend school. In addition, the children in this program receive a transport fee for school commuting. You can see the tuition fees for sponsoring one child at the following table: 


School Grade



Paypal USD

Senior High School, Grade 10




Senior High School, Grade 11 or 12




  • The above cost represents an annual education cost for the Academic Year 2024/2025, effective as of January 1, 2024.
  • The conversion exchange rate used here is assumed at IDR 13,500 for  1 USD. We use this rate in anticipation of the fluctuation of Rupiah against USD to ensure that the fund after the conversion to Rupiah is sufficient.
  • Payment made through PayPal is subject to a PayPal rate include 4.4% transaction fee + US $0.30 per transaction. For more details please visit: PayPal Fees for International Payments
  • You are more than welcome to contact us at for further inquiry regarding the educational cost and your sponsorship plan.
Breaking the Cycle of Poverty through Education

Since it was first implemented in 2004, KEMBALI program has helped more than 1,000 students in Bali. The achievements of this program are as follows: 

The Sponsored Students Total Number: 1,210 students 

  • Graduated: 750 
  • Active: 460  with these details:
    • Elementary School: 59
    • Junior High School: 172 
    • Senior High School/Vocational: 229 



The number of KEMBALI Sponsored Students is projected to increase by 3.3% per annum within the next three years. If we can increase the participation rate of people to sponsor children, these numbers will even be higher. YKIP wishes to support at least 500 students in 2023-2024 Academic Year.