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Your Support Means Much
  • 2015/03/25

Although the new academic year of 2014/2015 has already started and the second quarter distribution of school supplies and education cash assistance has already taken place; 4 students are still looking for sponsors to help support their education... read more

List Medicines
  • 2015/03/24

DAFTAR OBAT Berikut ini adalah daftar obat-obatan dan persediaan lainnya. Below is the Medicines Balance Report generated by the Medical Inventory Control System which was installed at the Sanglah Medical warehouse. The balance of the medicines an... read more

Siaran Radio
  • 2015/03/24

Untuk Siaran radio, kami membuat audio CD dan membawanya ke berbagai stasiun radio agar disiarkan sepanjang hari. Sekali lagi, karena program ini adalah sebuah program kemanusiaan, hampir semua stasiun bersedia untuk menyiarkannya dengan gratis. S... read more

  • 2015/03/24

GRAND OPENING CEREMONY The Medical Reference & Education Centre (MREC) is designed to provide students with better access to information in Medical Science. It is equipped with comprehensive facilities such an online Medical References, latest edi... read more

Trauma Counseling
  • 2015/03/24

YKIP has produced a Wayang Kulit (traditional shadow puppet play) Trauma Counseling Video. This explains the trauma symptoms and their manifestation through a traditional media. Following the fatal bomb blast in Kuta in October, 2002, relief, in t... read more

Career Day 2012
  • 2015/03/24

Just a few weeks ago, one of our KIDS scholars talked about her confusion in choosing the field of study after graduating from high school. At first she wanted to become a midwife, but considering the competitiveness among midwifery graduates all ... read more

Partnership with Alpha Omega Computer
  • 2015/03/24

Alpha Omega Computer, is located on Jalan Sudirman Denpasar, is one of the largest computer hardware distributors in Bali. Upon our explanation about Vocational Education Scholarship Program during our meeting in October 2011, the director of the ... read more

Lely Puspita D
  • 2015/03/24

Bachelor degree of accounting at Udayana University. Donor: ALF Lely is new sponsored student for 2011. She is staff of Yayasan Peduli Kemanusiaan (YPK) Bali as an admin and finance staff. Due to her performance and willingness to study, YPK recom... read more

  • 2015/03/24

Bachelor degree of economy at Warmadewa University. Donor: ALF In the middle of September 2011, Dayu Wid started her last two months of the final semester. On 12th November 2011, Dayu Wid will have her final test for some subjects. If she can pass... read more

  • 2015/03/24

Semester 3 of Midwife Diploma at Kartini Academy Donor: Michael Burchett “On 4th November 2011 I attended the exam of Gynecology and pediatrics. I could answer all the questions well. This was my final exam for the 3rd semester.” “After the exam, ... read more

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