A Degree in Public Health: To Serve the Community in the Future

23 October 2023

One of the sponsored students in the University Scholarship Program, Dwi, graduated from Udayana University. The graduation ceremony took place in Udayana University Hall on August 19, 2023. Now she holds a degree in Public Health. She graduated with honors with a GPA of 3.96 out of 4.

YKIP also sponsored Dwi during her high school. Dwi was one of the best students in KEMBALI Scholarship Program and got some awards from YKIP for her achievements. When YKIP announced the scholarship for higher education, Dwi applied directly. After a rigorous selection process, Dwi got the scholarship and pursued her degree in public health.

Starting early to serve: Pursuing a Degree in Public Health

Accepted in Udayana University, majoring in Public Health, encouraged Dwi to do her best. Not only Dwi studied hard and earn good marks every semester, but she was also actively involved in her campus activities. She even became the chairperson of the antitobacco students’ group on her campus for a year. During her services, she organized the antitobacco campaign on campus, for the community, and had a radio talk show. It was to raise awareness of the danger of tobacco use. For her, the activities were one of her duties as a practitioner in the public health sector.

Dwi specializes in epidemics, so to get her degree in public health, Dwi needed to conduct research about a disease. She chose to do her research on HIV/AIDS. For two months, she became an intern at a foundation that supports people with HIV. The focus of her study was on the use of pre-exposure Prophylaxis among homosexual men to prevent HIV infections. She defended her undergraduate thesis in June 2023 with a satisfactory result.

“After having the degree in public health, I want to implement the knowledge I got. I would like to serve the community by raising awareness about diseases. I would like to raise awareness as the prevention measures so that I can help the community become healthier and reduce the spread of the diseases.” Dwi explained her dream after having her degree in public health.

YKIP is proud of Dwi and her achievements. We wish her all the best for her future. Thank you to Inspirasia Foundation who supported Dwi’s Education so she could earn her degree in public health.

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