Youth Career Planning Program 2020: Virtual Workshop

19 February 2021

The way we interact has significantly changed since the government declared the pandemic and YKIP takes serious action to keep all YKIP personnel and students safe. Therefore, YKIP decided to conduct the Youth Career Planning Day virtually for the first time in December 2020.

Being the largest event with the students, the Youth Career Planning Day used to be held a full day in YKIP office, but on 13 December 2020, YKIP invited 65 12th-graders to join the event and provided an internet quota to support them joining this important event from home. Shifted into an online workshop, we also adjusted the duration to only a half-day. But we were proud of having two speakers share their insights.

Our first speaker, Mr. Rhoy, who has an excellent background in tourism and human resources, shared some useful tips to create a good CV and perform well during a job interview. He also simulated how to find jobs using job portals. The students were enthusiastic as they asked questions actively during the session.

The second speaker was a graduate of YKIP program, Juliasih. She used to work in a five-star hotel in Bali before the pandemic hit the hotel hard. After being laid off, she started a culinary business with her husband – set up a meatballs stall in front of their house. Seeing online marketing as a promising opportunity, they now started selling the meatballs online. This second session was truly inspiring as Juliasih shared her up and down stories and useful tips of being an entrepreneur.

Training Opportunity: Last sessions of the virtual workshop

The opportunity to have training in the government-owned training centre was in the third session. YKIP invited Ms. Alit Saraswati from the government training centre (BLK). She explained to the children how to get the opportunity to get training in the government training centre for free. Certification is provided upon completion of training. Besides, BLK provides transportation for participants. Students were so enthusiastic about this opportunity.

YKIP informed the children about the scholarship opportunity available for them if they wanted to continue their study to the one-year training (D1) or bachelor’s degree. YKIP opens admission for the 2021-2022 Vocational and University program. YKIP also informed the requirements to be fulfilled if the students wanted to apply for this opportunity.

By having this virtual workshop, YKIP hopes that the children can prepare themselves for a better life after graduating from senior high school. YKIP is grateful for the support of MITRAIS that has provided YKIP with the meeting facilities. Also, YKIP would like to thank the Inspirasia Foundation, Mr. David Magson, and other donors who have supported this event. Because of their kindness, the YCPW 2020 was a hit!

If you would like to support a student in having a year of training to get the skills they need in the future, you can support them here.