Alumna Story: Preserving the Ancient Art

14 October 2021
 “After getting the scholarship, I become more confident and live my life happier. I learn to be more independent, and I learned that there is always hope in this life”- Sopi-

On April 2021, a girl went viral on the internet after her singing during a performance uploaded and reposted by some official media accounts. That girl was playing a character called “Desak Rai” a servant of an antagonistic princess on “Arja” performance. It was viral for several days and so many people sent likes and comments on the video. It turns out that the viral girl was one of YKIP sponsored students under KEMBALI Scholarship Program.

Sopi was preparing for her final exam when the head of the dance troupe called her to join the troupe as Desak Rai character. She was invited to fill the position because the previous cast was unable to play the character and resigned. Armed with her singing Balinese Pop songs skills, Sopi dive into a very different world, the world of ancient theater called Arja.

Arja is a very complex form of arts and it needs a set of skills in dance, sing, and language mastery. In Sopi case, she needed a lot of hard work to play her character. With a little basic of traditional song, Sopi was able to master her song, Dandang Gula, in three days. It is one of the longest and complicated songs in Balinese. Sopi also has very little basic of traditional dance, but for less than a week, she was able to dance her choreography. In order to play her character, she also needs to learn how to use the proper Balinese Language. Her character also requires Sopi to be witty and funny when she was in interaction with other characters.

With only one month to prepare besides her busy schedule preparing for the final exam, Sopi stunned all viewers in Batur Temple on the big ceremony called “Ngusaba Kedasa”. Not only she was able to carry out her character well, but she also became an internet sensation for a while!

YKIP former student Sopi
Sopi in her school uniform. 

The Scholarship for Students that Means a Lot

“I am happy with the achievement so far. For me, it is a combination of so many factors. In fact, the scholarship I got from YKIP also contributes to this success. Before I got the scholarship, I do not dare to dream about finishing high school due to the economic condition of my family. I am not confident and lack enthusiasm in my life.  After getting the scholarship for students, I become more confident and live my life happier. I learn to be more independent, and I learned that there is always hope in this life. Thank you YKIP and my sponsor for bringing this new life to me.” Explains Sopi when asked by YKIP staff on her way back home from dancing in Nusa Penida.

YKIP is really proud of Sopi, who choose to dedicate her time to reserve the culture. We are also happy to learn that the scholarship provided by YKIP bring such a big change for her. Thank you to Inspirasia Foundation for sponsoring Sopi.

There are many students like Sopi who are making their dreams come true. You can support a student’s dream and bring a big change to their lives by sponsoring them in our KEMBALI Scholarship Program.