KEMBALI Students in 2022-2023 Academic Year

02 November 2022

After delightfully seeing the result of 52 KEMBALI students who graduated in June 2022, we are delighted to welcome the new academic year of 2022/2023. In this academic year, YKIP, under its KEMBALI Program, supports 462 students who receive educational support to continue their studies.

As a beginning, we have conducted the first quarter of distribution events in the 13 areas of KEMBALI Program. We started our distribution activity in Mengwi area, then continued to Denpasar, Tejakula, Pengotan, and lastly, at seven sub-districts in Gianyar regency. The distribution is our regular activity where we distribute support in the form of school supplies, cash allowances, and vitamins to our sponsored students.

The past two years, the students had no choice but to learn from home due to the pandemic. There were many obstacles during this online learning. Those from low-income families experience a lack of internet access and supporting devices (laptops, computers, handphones). The students, especially our KEMBALI students, also lacked enthusiasm to study because they could not see their friends and teachers.

But thanks to the generous contribution of YKIP supporters, we continued helping the students until today, where we are now slowly back to our regular activity. The students have been back studying at school this academic year, which make them very happy and energized. YKIPs finally invited volunteers again to our distribution activities after a while.

We want to convey our gratitude to the volunteers willing to spend their time working with YKIP team members during the activities. YKIP is also thankful for the local partners who are always kind to support us in this humanitarian mission.

Last but not least, we send much love to you all, our donors, who have been very generous to the children and us.

We look forward to continuing our work to support the education of disadvantaged children in Bali to reach their dreams!