Heidi Circle Gathering: Meet the Former Sponsored Students

12 December 2022

After two years, Heidi Hornberger, the founder of Heidi Circle, revisited Bali. The last time she visited this island was in early 2020. Heidi had to leave early because the government announced the status of Covid 19 as a pandemic in Indonesia. At the time, she had already planned a gathering to meet the former sponsored students of KEMBALI Scholarship Program. She had to cancel the plan due to unexpected circumstances.

This year, Heidi returns to Bali in October for holiday and gets inspiration for her next art project. She then decided to bring back the old plan and have a gathering in her house in Ubud. As the Heidi Circle project was initiated 18 years ago, some of their sponsored students are now married and have children.

Meet the former sponsored students of Heidi Circle

It was a sunny morning on November 12, 2022. At 8 in the morning, the Golden Moon Villa was crowded with the former sponsored students of Heidi Circle. The gathering participants came with their spouses and children. The former students shared their stories with Heidi and John and talked with each other. Heidi also brought the old photo album. Seeing their young selves, the students can’t help but giggle and tease each other. Heidi then played the old videos of students when they visited a zoo. More and more laughter filled the air.

Fun games are important part of gathering. The students play games led by YKIP staff. The participants stood in line and answered the question given by the game leader. If they could not answer the question or gave a wrong answer, they would get smeared with white face powder. Some participants could finish rounds without being stained once!

Rucina Ballinger, the former YKIP Director, also came to the event. She told the former sponsored students how proud she is of seeing the students now. She was happy to see the children had grown into successful people and had their own families.

After a fun time with games, we had a great lunch from a local catering company. As usual, every Heidi Circle gathering event ends with a letter-making session. The former sponsored students wrote to their donors. It is fascinating to know that they still remember their donors, their support, and their gratitude for the help.

The gathering was full of happiness, joy, and grateful feeling. YKIP is honored to be a part of the event. Thank you, Heidi and Heidi Circle donors, for your continuous support of YKIP and our programs. See you again at the gathering next year!