Thank you for supporting children’s education in Bali

06 July 2022

Early in June, the academic year of 2021-2022 officially ended when the students received their report cards. After struggling with the online study in the first half of the year, then studying at school for several weeks before being sent back home to study due to the emerging Omicron cases. They then finally back to school several weeks before the final exam, the students finally smiling at the end of the year as they receive the announcement that they will meet their classmates in the next academic year in the higher grade. The happy moments could happen because of the generosity of our donors, supporters, and volunteers in supporting children’s education in Bali.

Contribution received for supporting children’s education in Bali

In supporting children’s education in Bali during the previous academic year, YKIP through its various programs received so many contributions from our donors, partners, and volunteers. Without their contribution, we will never be able to continue the scholarship programs. We would like to thank all people and partner organizations who contribute to our KIDS, KEMBALI, Vocational, and University scholarship program. We would like to acknowledge the contribution from January to June 2022 as below:


Inspirasia Foundation Mitrais Hedonation
Maxim Korystov Amy Brooks Papillon Team
I Made Satyawira Suryabrata dr. Windhu Saputra Kay
Rosliana Ramli Abimanyu Nikola Nugraha Nadya Lurey
Eric and Edith Hoesli Maria Macura Keluarga Hindu Mitrais
Nathalie and Olivier Couvreu Sammy Furnival Zhongguang Qin
I Putu Gede dr. Andy Kumara Durrance Family
Bill and Margie Tutik Kusuma Wardhani Nuning Indah pratiwi
Dan and Nina Fendel Laura Cohn Marie-Jeanne Penduff
Samantha Frood Hana Carie and Larry Haimovitch
Sabine and Benoit Carcenat Lene Fischer Donors from
Donors from Global Giving Anonymous Donors

In-kind donation

Rucina Ballinger I Nengah Landra SDN no 5 Les
Hesty Noviana

Volunteers in Supporting Student’s Education in Bali

I Made Wiratmaja Ni Luh Gede Sri Pratiwi Devandy Ario P.
Syaefal Akbar P. Ni Putu Riris Sintya J. Ni Wayan Tina Mulianti
Ni Kadek Widianti I Made Dwi Suwardiana Ni Made Muriani
I Ketut Darma Putra Ni Kadek Ayu Ari Jatiningsih Gusti Ayu Sri Yuliatika
Ni Komang Widi Ni Luh Juliasih Ni Kadek Rada Rani
Ni Komang Indah Lestari Ni Putu Eni Cahyani Ni Luh Bintang Noviari
A.A. Gede Apriana Nurull Vadjar Naisin Elizabeth Magson

We’re also grateful for all the support we received during the preloved book sale. Not only did we receive orders from our friends in Bali we also had many requests to send books to people who live outside Bali despite the added cost of postage.  Thank you so much for sharing the information with your family and friends, purchasing the books, or donating during the event.

Your contribution to YKIP programs will help support children’s education in Bali, not only for the next academic year but for years to come.

If you would like to contribute to the support effort of children’s education in Bali, please contact us at

Thank you!