Thank you for supporting YKIP Campaign

11 September 2023

Last year, YKIP initiated a heartwarming charity campaign called “Take a Bear Home” to fundraise for the KEMBALI Scholarship Program. The concept was simple yet impactful: Throughout the year, YKIP aimed to sell 100 stuffed bears, with the proceeds dedicated to sponsoring a student’s education. For just IDR 150,000, donors could not only contribute to a meaningful cause but also receive an adorable stuffed bear as a token of appreciation. As an added bonus, each purchase came with a stylish and versatile tote bag featuring the YKIP logo.

Sponsoring a Student

In July 2023, YKIP ended the campaign with all the bears successfully sold. YKIP managed to collect a sufficient amount to sponsor one student of grade 12 named Purnami from Karangasem Regency.

Purnami was born to a humble family living in a small village near Mount Abang. She is the third of five children in the family, with two younger siblings currently are still at Junior High and Elementary School. In the face of numerous challenges, her parents navigate the ebb and flow of less-than-stable income; all while having bills, tuition fees and other expenses to pay. Yet, they are aware of the importance of education, and they believe that it will guide their family towards a brighter and more promising future for their children. Thus, they strive to do their best to send their children to school.

Purnami aspires to become a teacher and wants to continue her education at a university in Karangasem after graduating from Senior High School. During her grade 11 year, she almost let her cherished dream go because her family faced financial challenges. However, with her spirit remaining unbroken, she continues to study and wishes that at least she could finish Senior High School in this academic year.

Thanks to your generous support throughout the ‘Take a Bear Home’ campaign, YKIP is delighted to share the wonderful news that Purnami will indeed complete her Senior High School education this year. This significant milestone brings her one step closer to realizing her dream of becoming a teacher.

YKIP would like to extend our gratitude to everyone involved in this journey. Your donations and your efforts in spreading the word about the ‘Take a Bear Home’ Campaign have made an immeasurable impact. Without your support and kindness, this achievement would not have been possible

Stay tuned for other YKIP’s updates and we are looking forward to having your support for another campaign this year.