Thank you for your support in 2021

11 January 2022

We just enter the new year 2022, and we are grateful for the support we received in 2021. It was indeed a hard year for everyone, with the spiking case of Covid 19 and the restriction is being implemented in Indonesia. Our sponsored students are hit hard because of the condition, where their family’s income is down to a level that never imagined before. While the income is decreased, the needs of the family are increasing.

2021 was a really hard time for everyone, but we are thankful that during this uncertain time, so many people are eager to help our students continue their education. Because of your generous support, YKIP could continue supporting our programs, KEMBALI Scholarship Program, KIDS, Vocational Scholarship Program, and the University Scholarship Program. Thus we would like to express our appreciation to people who supported YKIP in the past year.


From June 2021, the beginning of the new academic year, YKIP gets so much support for KIDS, KEMBALI Scholarship Program, Vocational, and University Scholarship program. YKIP would like to thank our donors below:

Inspirasia Foundation Peter and Mavis Page Lissa Thygessen
Ida and Yogi Wiputra William Gaynor Law on the Lounge
Maria Macura Dan and Nina Fendel Eva and Jonas Fischer
I Made Satyawira Suryabrata Raymond Keith & Rhonda Doulton  Heather Gray
Purnama Bulan Lene Fischer Nathalie and Olivier Couvreu
Sabine and Benoait Carcenat Susana Valbueno Rotary Club of Busselton Geographe Bay
Georges Mettrau Tom Fischer Djati Siahaan
Amy Brookes Eva Hesse David and Elizabeth Magson
Edith and Eric Hoesli Durrance Family Jeanine and Nam Huynh
Ikatan Alumni ITB Bali Esther Merino Arnedo Hedonation Community
dr. Ayu Setyorini Mestika M Chandra Suryatmaja BRI Cabang Kuta

Not forget to thank all donors who supported our cause in crowdfunding platforms, GlobalGiving and Kita Bisa.

Volunteers on YKIP Scholarship Program

Our programs run smoothly because of the individuals who volunteer their time to our scholarship programs.  They support us during the events, help us translate the letters from the students to their donors, help us in the fundraising campaign, etc. YKIP would like to thank our volunteers:

Kadek Nita Yanti Ni Wayan Tina Mulianti Ni Luh Liliandini
Ni Wayan Widiani Ni Kadek Ayu Ari Jatiningsih Ni Kadek Yunita Wulandari
Ni Putu Riris Sintia J Ni Kadek Rada Rani Jenni Prabayanti
Ni Putu Meliastuti I Komang Jati Rahayu Dewa Ayu Sri A.
Dewa Ayu Diah Kumara S. Ni Komang Widi I Wayan Tena
Bayu Ade Sutrisna NLP Eka Karmila Dewi Ni Made Karti
Ni Made Muriani dr. Yudi Artha Sri Pratiwi
Pradikta Dwi Anthoni Sarce Susan Francis Made Dwi Swardiana
Ika Putri Melindawati Kadek Nuary Trisnawan I Ketut Darma Putra
Diah Mastuti Handayani Herdanu Yudistira Putra Rohmat Romanto
Inez Fiona Sutanto Christine Novanti bayu Gusviantoko Dali Purwanto
Dhinny Andriany Ambar Ningrum Ni Putu Sanastya Mas Deviana
Ni Kadek Anggreni Intan Sri Suandari Pritha Aishwarya P.

Partners in Scholarship Program

We are grateful that in 2021 YKIP was supported by great partners in running our program. Our partners gave such great assistance in compiling the students’ data, assisting our field officer during the fieldwork, giving assistance to our students while studying in their institutions. Thank you to:

Yayasan Batan Kendal Rucina Ballinger Institut Desain dan Bisnis Bali
GNOTA Kabupaten Badung Puspadi Bali Alfa Prima Denpasar
GN-OTA Kabupaten Gianyar STMIK Primakara Monarch Bali Gianyar
Monarch Bali Dalung Alfa Prima Karangasem SDN 5 Les

We also would like to thank Mitrais for their continuous support since the YKIP inception and with even more support during the uncertain time in 2021.

We also thank all friends of YKIP who are always supporting us. Your assistance to YKIP is highly appreciated.