YKIP Scholarship Program in Bali : Graduates in 2022

04 July 2022

In the first semester of 2022, YKIP continues the scholarship programs in Bali by sponsoring 478 students under the KEMBALI Scholarship Program, with 125 students in Elementary School, 216 students in Junior High School, and 137 students who attended Senior High School. The Vocational Scholarship Program sponsors 12 students, while our University Scholarship Program supports 9 students. We are grateful that YKIP was able to support these students during the academic year. With the year fraught with struggles for the students, their families, and our community in general, the hard work of our students paid off at the end of the academic year. It was all made possible with the generosity of donors like you.

When the academic year ended early in June, we were happy to see the students received their report cards. The happiest of all were the 52 students who finished their Senior High School or vocational school. This is a big step for them in their future. We hope that having a completion certificate and the skills they obtained in Senior High School or Vocational School gives them the opportunity for a better future. We wish the best for those who continue their studies in higher education. Also, for those who choose to work and support their families, YKIP hopes they will secure employment and a good career.

Scholarship Program in Bali: The students’ comments

Only a few days before the academic year finished, YKIP met some of the beneficiaries of our scholarship program in Bali: KEMBALI Scholarship Program. Our feelings were mixed when we meet the 12th  graders. We were happy to see the students that had completed their compulsory 12 years of education but sad as we realized that we would probably not meet these students again in the future.

The students were extremely grateful for what they had received during their school years. Below are some of the graduates’ comments regarding the scholarship program.

I always felt inferior to my friends at school before I got the scholarship. Those days when my parents had to come to school and met the principal because we hadn’t paid the school fee were the days when I felt like I want to disappear. But that nightmare was long gone. The scholarship I received paid my school fee and my parent’s burden was lifted from their shoulders. I also felt more confident and happier at school. I can study better and get good grades. Thank you to the donors who support my education.”Titin, a graduate of KEMBALI Scholarship Program from Karangasem

“I was a shy kid. I never felt convenient when I meet new people and I didn’t like to be in a crowd. After receiving the scholarship and having to attend so many distribution events with so many people from our district, I learn to communicate with new people. I gain confidence and I feel comfortable talking in front of people. The scholarship I got not only paid for my tuition but also allow me to learn so many things in life. Thank you, donors, for sponsoring my study.”Mutiari, a graduate of KEMBALI Program in Payangan

“When I finished elementary school, my parents were unable to pay for the building fee in Junior High school. I was sad knowing that I would not be able to continue my study. Then everything changed when I got the information from YKIP’s partner that I got the scholarship to continue my study. The scholarship continued until now that I graduated from Senior High School. If it weren’t because of the scholarship, I might end up taking odd jobs to survive due to my limited skills and knowledge. Now I believe that I could have a decent job after graduating from Senior High School. I would like to thank my donor for the chance of a better future, your support is highly appreciated.”Nia, a graduate of YKIP’s scholarship program in Bali, Karangasem Regency.

Again, YKIP would like to thank all donors who support the YKIP scholarship program in Bali: Inspirasia Foundation, Technology One, Mitrais, and other institutions and individuals.  Your donation not only enables students to continue and finish their studies, but it also changes their lives.

If you would like to be a part of this movement, please go to the donation section on our website and support a student now. Thank you for opening your hearts to the underprivileged students in Bali.