Youth Career Planning Workshop 2023

20 December 2023

Recently, YKIP held an annual Youth Career Planning Workshop for 12th graders on 10 December 2023. Taking place in the Auditorium of Universitas Bali Internasional in Denpasar, the workshop was attended by 78 participants. The event aimed to assist the students to better prepare for the next stage of their life by introducing them to available jobs and scholarship opportunities that they can apply to upon graduating from high school. YKIP hopes that with the information, they will be able to make wise decisions for their future.

To maximize the impact, YKIP conducted a survey prior to the workshop to find out what the participants needed to know more about. Based on the survey result, YKIP then invited speakers in the fields of Digital Marketing, Business Development, and Hospitality to share their expertise with the students, giving them more insights about applying for jobs, including required qualifications and career opportunities in the industries.

The workshop started at 9.00 with some ice breakers and rules setting. Then, Universitas Bali Internasional opened the session with the first presentation, introducing the university and the scholarships that it offers.

Preparing to Apply for a Job:  Flawless Job Application

The session then continued with Ms Ketut Kardini (Dini), the HR Director of Westin Ubud, who shared some tips about effective job searching with a presentation titled “Flawless Job Application”. Ms Dini has been working in the Human Resources department for about 20 years. With her broad knowledge and experience, she showed how to create an appealing CV and cover letter. Besides the theory, she also gave many examples based on her massive experience in recruiting staff.

The second section of her presentation was titled “Preparing for a Job Interview”. She taught the workshop participants how to get ready for a job interview. They were eager to learn more about the topics, and many enthusiastically asked questions to Ms Dini.

Learning about Job Opportunities

After the lunch break, the workshop continued with a presentation by Ms Ayu Ratna Wulandari, the Program Manager of KEMBALI, Vocational, and University Scholarship Programs. Ms Ratna shared valuable information about available scholarships in YKIP. As YKIP already announced the Vocational and University scholarships on the first distribution back in September, she reminded the students to send their applications as soon as possible. Moreover, she also explained how to fill out the form to apply for the scholarships.

After Ms Ratna’s session, JobStreet Express delivered an introduction to their app, a platform for fresh graduates who are looking for a job. The platform provides numerous job vacancy information for its members. YKIP hopes that by being acquainted with the platform, the students will get access to potential vacancies and land a job suitable to their qualifications after graduation. Some students even eagerly downloaded the apps right away during the presentation.

The fourth session was about Digital Marketing. Our speaker, Mr Kristianto Teguh, is a Growth Hacker in YKIP sponsor: PT. Mitrais. He is an experienced Digital Marketer who has worked in many industries before. Mr Teguh shared about the world of Digital Marketing and the qualifications needed to be a successful marketer on the Internet. Many students asked him questions as the topic sparked their interest.

The Hospitality Industry session was delivered by Mr Kadek Twentu, the HRM of Sthala, the Tribute Portfolio in Ubud, who shared about the opportunity to work in Hospitality. He emphasized the importance of having decent character in serving the guests. He also informed the students about the career path in the industry, including some tips to be the best hotelier.

Learning about Business Administration

Last but not least, we had Mr Sani Satria Darmawan, the Regional Manager of JobStreet Express, who shared his expertise in Business Administration and Development. With his vast knowledge, he shared a lot of valuable insights through stories of him working in several big companies since 2009. His session was interesting, and the students actively participated in the discussion session.

YKIP is deeply grateful for the sponsors who funded this workshop: Inspirasia Foundation, Riot Games, Global Giving, and BRI Cabang Kuta. We are also thankful for the support of our facilitators: Nyoman Agus Jagat Raya, and the speakers: Ni Ketut Kardini, Sani Satria Darmawan, Kristianto Teguh, and Kadek Twentu. We also would like to thank Universitas Bali Internasional (UNBI) who generously lent us their auditorium for the workshop venue. Last but not least, we extend our thanks to JobStreet Express for their insightful presentation.

We also would like to express our deepest appreciation to our local partners: I Nyoman Puja from Gianyar, I Nengah Landra from Karangasem, I Kadek Wirya Sanjaya of Tejakula, and I Nengah Cermen from Pengotan, for their support and collaboration throughout the workshop. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the dedicated volunteers who assisted us during the event, so the workshop ran smoothly.

We hope that this initiative impacts our sponsored students positively, so they can make wise decisions for their future.

See you in the Youth Career Planning Workshop 2024!