Higher Education Graduation: Alief of KIDS Scholarship Program

21 February 2023

YKIP is happy to inform you of the higher education graduation of Alief, one of the students in the KIDS Scholarship Program. Alief studied Immigration Law at the Polytechnic of Immigration, a state-owned polytechnic.

Higher Education Graduation from Polytechnic of Immigration

After two semesters of studying in the Law Faculty, Alief decided to take an entrance test to the Polytechnic of Immigration. This school is government-owned, that offers studies in the Immigration sector such as Technology, Law, and Administration. Alief chose Immigration Law as his major in the polytechnic.

Alief was accepted into the polytechnic. He then moved to Depok, West Java for his study. The school is funded by the Indonesian government, so Alief didn’t need to pay the tuition fees. However, YKIP still supported Alief because he didn’t get a dorm, so he needed to rent a room in a boarding school.

As active as he was in senior high school, Alief was actively involved in campus activities. Together with his team,  they competed in the competition for government-owned schools. He got third place in a short film competition. Alief also served as a member of the public relation department at his campus.

On October 25, 2022, Alief passed his final exam with a satisfactory grade. His hard work for four years finally paid off. His graduation ceremony was held on December 12, 2022. The day was full of happiness. Alief’s mother, brother, and grandmother went to Jakarta to attend Alief’s graduation. It is a very special higher education graduation for Alief’s family.

A month after his graduation, Alief got his assignment letter from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia. Now he is a public servant in the Immigration Office in Batam.

“Thank you for all the support given to me during my study at school in KIDS Scholarship Program. I hope YKIP will continue the scholarship programs  to assist more students in the future.”Alif said to YKIP.

YKIP is proud of Alief and we wish all the best for his future. We also would like to thank all donors and supporters of the KIDS Scholarship Program who always support YKIP since its inception in 2002.