KIDS Scholarship Program School Supplies Distribution

15 October 2021

YKIP is always looking for the time when we could meet the sponsored students in the KIDS Scholarship Program, a scholarship for the children of bomb victims. This program activity is not as often as those in KEMBALI Program, but we have very special moments when meeting the students because YKIP has been with them since our inception.

If the pandemic is not around, this year we should have our KIDS Gathering, where we have a day of fun with all the active students, graduates, and their families. The current condition is not permitting us to conduct this gathering, however, we could have our annual school supplies distribution. We invited 12 students who are still studying at school and universities to come to YKIP office on August 20 to distribute the school supplies. As Bali was still in the level 4 restriction on that day, we could not meet all the children at the same time. Instead, we have them come to the office one by one with a strict health protocol applied.

The Students in KIDS Scholarship Program

It’s been a long time since the program began and the students are grown up now. The youngest student, Cantika, is in her second year of Senior High School, while the other 11 students are pursuing their degrees in the university. Wirat just begin his orientation in his institute and start the learning process on October 8. Ayu and Dinda started their thesis this semester and are expected to graduate at the end of this year. Wina will graduate soon after her study is prolonged due to Covid 19.

Student under the scholarship program for bomb victims children
Izzul won a comic creation competition

Meeting with the students is always fascinating. We have a lot of information about their academic life. Some students joined the academic competition and win it, while other students compete in the non-academic field. The victorious students sharing their stories and it is really interesting to see the students’ achievements. For students who achieve good marks in their school and get the achievement on the non-academic field, YKIP awarded them with the prizes. All students who got a GPA of more than 3,3 get shopping vouchers as an appreciation for their hard work.

We hope that this activity could help the students to study and all the prizes distributed will motivate the students to achieve their best. We will see them again in the next academic year.