Donor’s Story: Inspirasia Foundation

08 February 2022

Since YKIP’s inception, Inspirasia Foundation (known as Annika Linden Foundation at that time) has been supporting various projects of YKIP. The support began when YKIP’s KIDS project was launched. Annika Linden Foundation became one of the major sponsors of the KIDS Program. In 2009, Annika Linden Foundation changed its name to Inspirasia Foundation as it took on another mission, that of inspiring others.

When YKIP decided to expand its services in the education field by creating the KEMBALI Scholarship program, Inspirasia Foundation started to support this program by sponsoring the children in it. To this day, Inspirasia Foundation remains one of YKIP’s sponsors with many students under their sponsorship. Inspirasia Foundation has sponsored students of all academic levels and in all YKIP project areas: Denpasar, Badung, Bangli, Gianyar, Karangasem and Tejakula.

Besides sponsoring the KEMBALI students, Inspirasia Foundation also supports YKIP’s Vocational Scholarship Program. In 2021, Inspirasia Foundation sponsored 6 students to receive one-year of training to obtain a specific skill of their choice. Three of them are studying at the hospitality training centre, while another three are learning about administration and management.

Currently, under the University Scholarship program, Inspirasia Foundation supports 4 students who are studying at University. Through these sponsorships, Inspirasia Foundation helps YKIP run its mission: improve the lives of marginalized communities in Bali through comprehensive educational opportunities by providing scholarships to children from disadvantaged families.

More than Money

Inspirasia Foundation’s philosophy is “More than Money”, which means the grantees are mentored and given direction for a bigger impact on society. As one of the grantees, YKIP finds there are so many training and development opportunities offered by Inspirasia Foundation through their representative in Bali, Annika Linden Centre.

YKIP is grateful to have such a donor, mentor, and partner like Inspirasia Foundation, which not only supports our programs through the grants but also provides endless support in developing our organization to make a better and bigger impact.

For more information about Inspirasia Foundation and its work, you can visit their page here.